Bring passion every day

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Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I watched college football.  Lots of college football.  It was Rivalry Week, pairing together schools that have a true dislike for each other.  Iowa/Nebraska, Wisconsin/Minnesota, and the granddaddy of all rivalries, Michigan/Ohio State. Television coverage of the Michigan/Ohio State game started a full five hours before kick-off, with the College GameDay crew on the Ohio State campus. The passion of the fans caught my attention.  Decked out in red and white and sporting all kinds of signs of their distaste for all things Michigan. The thought occurred to me as to how we maintain that level … Read More

Preparing for the Donald Trump Administration: Key Questions for Providers

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Ken Kaufman of Kaufman Hall in Chicago, does a nice job of suggesting healthcare changes in the Trump Administration.  The full article can be found at Preparing for the Donald Trump Administration: Key Questions for Providers The election of Donald Trump as U.S. President introduces a new degree of uncertainty for healthcare providers. At this early stage, it is not possible to say exactly when or how U.S. health policy might change, or how those changes might affect provider organizations. However, it is possible to identify the key issues to monitor and ways in which provider executives can assess … Read More

My own patient story

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Earlier this year I asked all members of our leadership group to begin every meeting with a patient story. This act reconnects our teams with our mission and purpose. I have my own story. We have two events happening at the Schreiner House this week: My wife, Stephanie, will be celebrating a birthday; We are having our septic tank cleaned out. Being a pragmatic person, it seemed to me there was a connection between the two, so I asked: “What do you think if we count the septic tank cleaning as your birthday present?” And THAT is how I ended up … Read More

We are the ones that shape our communities

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I do not use this blog to share my political beliefs, and I am not going to start now.  I do, however, use this space to talk about our community. I came across the following passage, and feels it accurately reflects the challenges we have before us. Please get out and vote, and then, regardless of the outcome, let us get on the path to healing.  

Cub Fever – Sleep Can Wait

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Many of us in the Midwest are suffering from an illness known as Cub Fever.  Symptoms include racing heart rates, anxiety lasting for nine innings, and loss of sleep due to staying up WAY past our bedtimes. This “baseball in November Thing” is new to any of us that have witnessed less than 71 seasons of Cubs baseball. Regardless of what happens in Games 6 & 7, the season of 2016 has been nothing short of magical.  The players on this roster are inherently likable.  Cheering them on is easy to do… even if you are one of those Cardinal or White … Read More

Rural hospitals out-perform urban hospitals on key quality measures

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Rural hospitals, on average, outdid their urban counterparts in Medicare’s value-based purchasing program, scoring higher on several key measures, according to a new HHS report. The program rewards or penalizes acute care hospitals based on the quality of care they provide to patients and hospitals in rural areas bested urban hospitals on patient experience as well as efficiency and costs. The higher total performance score rural hospitals had translated to a higher average payment, with an average payment adjustment factor of +0.22 of diagnosis-related group payments, versus +0.07 for urban hospitals. Rural hospitals also had fewer postoperative wound infection and hospital-acquired infection … Read More

Reaching out to say thank you…

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KSB Hospital recently held our quarterly employee forums.  The primary theme was the introduction of a new program called “Give A Wow”. The work we do every day is tough.  The people at KSB Hospital work hard to exceed the expectations of our patients and their families.  It is nice to have someone reach out to show their appreciation. Miracles happen at KSB every day.  If someone provided exceptional service or went the extra mile, take a moment and visit  Look for the gray box on the right titled “Recognize a KSB Employee!”. Thank you for choosing KSB, and … Read More

KSB’s Dr. John Plescia Named Director of University of Illinois Rural Medicine Education

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In June, Dr. John Plescia, of KSB’s Mt. Morris clinic, was named as the new Director of Rural Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford. As a former graduate of the Rural Medical Education (RMED) Program, this opportunity brings Dr. Plescia full circle, combining his passion for rural healthcare and working with students. In addition to his new role as Director of the RMED program, Dr. Plescia will continue practicing medicine at KSB’s Mt. Morris clinic. Established in 1993, the RMED program at the U of I College of Medicine at Rockford was developed to encourage … Read More

KSB’s Courtney Bond: Caring for the Community outside the Hospital

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There’s a good chance you’ve seen Courtney Bond standing on the Dukes and Duchesses’ sideline on a fall Friday night. Courtney’s been a full-time KSB employee since 2013, but she spends most of her time at her alma mater, Dixon High School, working as a certified athletic trainer. Ten months out of her year are dedicated to providing care to the students at the high school. Most of her work is spent on football, wrestling and girls’ soccer athletes, although she treats injuries for all of the school’s athletics. As I’ve mentioned in many previous posts, our mission at KSB … Read More

This Is The Year

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Matthew Tully from The Indianapolis Star writes: “As this is election season, I have a theory about the Cubs and politics. It goes like this: With all the divisions in the country, with all the political anger, and with all of the anxiety about a presidential election that few seem to be enjoying, a Cubs World Series might be just what the doctor ordered. I’m biased, obviously, but I think the country needs its own distraction. What would be a better one than watching a team known far and wide as history’s ultimate “lovable losers” winning it all?” I completely … Read More