KSB’s Dr. John Plescia Named Director of University of Illinois Rural Medicine Education

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In June, Dr. John Plescia, of KSB’s Mt. Morris clinic, was named as the new Director of Rural Medicine at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford. As a former graduate of the Rural Medical Education (RMED) Program, this opportunity brings Dr. Plescia full circle, combining his passion for rural healthcare and working with students. In addition to his new role as Director of the RMED program, Dr. Plescia will continue practicing medicine at KSB’s Mt. Morris clinic. Established in 1993, the RMED program at the U of I College of Medicine at Rockford was developed to encourage … Read More

KSB’s Courtney Bond: Caring for the Community outside the Hospital

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There’s a good chance you’ve seen Courtney Bond standing on the Dukes and Duchesses’ sideline on a fall Friday night. Courtney’s been a full-time KSB employee since 2013, but she spends most of her time at her alma mater, Dixon High School, working as a certified athletic trainer. Ten months out of her year are dedicated to providing care to the students at the high school. Most of her work is spent on football, wrestling and girls’ soccer athletes, although she treats injuries for all of the school’s athletics. As I’ve mentioned in many previous posts, our mission at KSB … Read More

This Is The Year

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Matthew Tully from The Indianapolis Star writes: “As this is election season, I have a theory about the Cubs and politics. It goes like this: With all the divisions in the country, with all the political anger, and with all of the anxiety about a presidential election that few seem to be enjoying, a Cubs World Series might be just what the doctor ordered. I’m biased, obviously, but I think the country needs its own distraction. What would be a better one than watching a team known far and wide as history’s ultimate “lovable losers” winning it all?” I completely … Read More

Healthcare and Millennials: The Next Generation

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When someone brings up the topic of Millennials (those born between the mid-1980s and 2000), it sometimes garners a few eye rolls. Jokes and stereotypes aside, however, it is our job at KSB to ensure every patient who walks through our doors is provided with the highest quality care – regardless of age. Millennials are projected to make up the largest percentage of our population in coming years, so instead of staying stagnant in this industry, how can we as a hospital adapt to this dynamic generation? Two words: convenience and transparency. Millennials want the convenience of flexible appointment times or extended … Read More

Share your input in this year’s Community Health Needs survey!

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KSB Hospital’s mission statement calls for us to meet the healthcare needs of our community. The first step in that goal is to understand what the needs of the community are. You can click here to take a survey to help us understand our community’s needs. Every three years, we conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment, or CHNA, to gather input and set priorities for community health. This year, we’ve teamed up with the Lee County Health Department, who is conducting a similar study of local needs. We put together a diverse group of representatives from schools, law enforcement, health … Read More

Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital? Part Three – A Series by Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Officer

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Here is the third and final part of the series on why being a nurse at KSB Hospital rocks!  This piece shares what our nurses say about being a part of KSB’s care team. Dave What do the nurses at KSB say? “I love my department and co-workers. My job is very full-filling and I love what I do. I have absolutely no desire to go anywhere else. I am a very happy employee” (Despite living 6 blocks away from CGH and having a husband that works there!) “I have always wanted to work at KSB and in a hospital … Read More

Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital? Part Two – A Series by Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Officer

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Here is Part Two of a three-part series on why being a nurse at KSB Hospital rocks!  Look for Part Three coming soon! Dave Why do nurses choose or continue to practice at KSB? You are not just a number like in a large organization The Average tenure for a KSB Nurse is 11 years Average age of a nurse at KSB is 43 36% of our nurses have a BSN or higher degree Med Surg and ICU staffing is the best in the region – Ssource: Illinois Report Card Act Patient- and family-centered care with interdisciplinary rounding and bedside … Read More

Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital? Part One – A Series by Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Officer

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Here is the first portion of a two-part series on why being a nurse at KSB Hospital rocks!  Look for Part Two coming soon. Dave Why Practice Nursing at KSB Hospital? KSB has a renowned culture – It’s the People! This legacy is exemplified through all the wonderful nursing staff at KSB that go above and beyond, each day, to meet the needs of their patients and community. This is validated through our high patient satisfaction and nursing employee satisfaction scores. Any employee, patient, or community member can walk the floors of the nursing units and observe the outstanding experiences … Read More

Kind words from a patient about Endoscopy Services

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thank you

I am posting this note from a satisfied patient with permission.  Congratulations Team KSB! Dear Mr. Schreiner,  On August 29, 2016, I went to KSB for a colonoscopy/upper G.I. that was administered by Dr. Mustapha.  Upon my arrival at KSB, I had to sign in, of course, and I didn’t get the ladies name at the receptionist desk but she certainly did a good job of putting me at ease as I’m sure anyone that has had that test done, it can be a bit unnerving.  So, that was a good start.  I got called back to get prepped for … Read More