Celebrating The Reagan Run 5K

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18 years ago Nancy Varga and her team at Dixon Main Street had an idea.  Let’s put together a 5K road race the weekend of the Petunia Festival, coinciding with the 4th of July celebration in Dixon.  Fast forward to  2016, when 1,619 people thought that taking on a 5K in early July in Dixon was a good idea, as that many runners finished the race. I get excited every year when I see more runners filling the streets and sidewalks in mid-May and on, in anticipation of the event.  The day of the race the sidewalks are filled with family and friends, … Read More

Advanced Practice Providers at KSB by Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen, RN

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The healthcare environment is ever changing and evolving. In order for KSB to remain sustainable for our patients and community, we are changing care delivery models throughout our organization. Nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are rising in numbers to augment patient care, especially in rural communities.  Organizations increasing their use of APPs can significantly lessen the primary care physician shortage, and their expanded roles can help reduce costs to an organization, increase access, and allow more time to be spent with the patient. Many patients don’t understand the role of an APP.  In addition to examining and educating patients, they are certified … Read More

The Best View in Town

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Look around. What do you see? I recently had the chance to look at the world from a new point of view: on top of the newly-named KSB Lovett Center. We’ve all seen the historic Dixon National Bank building, more recently Midland States Bank, from our perspective walking or driving through downtown Dixon. But last week I got a new perspective standing on the roof, looking far and wide across town. What did I see? Community, history, opportunity. When KSB agreed to buy the building, I knew we would be renewing our commitment to downtown Dixon. Standing on top of … Read More

Mental Health Awareness – KSB’s Zach Hill And His Personal Story

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Courage, Strength, Grit.  These are the words I think of when I hear May is Mental Health Awareness Month. A member of The KSB Family, Zach Hill of Information Technology, shares his personal story here.  Zach’s story is shared with his permission.  His words wonderfully capture the pain, confusion, and optimism felt by those that suffer and their families. Take a few minutes to listen and watch Zach’s story.  At KSB Hospital our job is to support, help heal, and assist those we are fortunate enough to serve.  Zach, thank you for sharing your story.

Doing the Right Thing… Always

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Florence Nightingale had a lot of wisdom back in the 1850’s, and her concepts have certainly withstood the test of time. I came across this one at a meeting I attended.  To me, the statement speaks to creating systems and processes that do not permit human errors.  When something does go wrong, it is not the fault of the professional, but rather a breakdown in the system. How does this apply to your work?

From Washington to Dixon – An Interesting Week

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Last week started with a visit to Washington, D.C. for The American Hospital Association Annual Meeting and ended with Hospital Week right back here in Dixon.  There were some interesting moments along the way. KSB Hospital’s board chair, Doug Lee, accompanied me to DC.  Doug began his legal career in Washington, and I had the opportunity to meet some of his former colleagues.  Listening to stories of going to book release parties with Bill and Hilary Clinton in attendance makes life in Dixon seem a bit routine. Tuesday was highlighted by a speech b FBI Director James Comey, which was … Read More

Special Thanks from Jason Roe – Culver’s Owner

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The best part of my job is hearing, nearly every day, of the amazing work members of the KSB Family do for our patients and their families.  Here’s the latest from Jason Roe, Culver’s owner.  This is shared with Jason’s permission. Thank you for the flowers following my surgery last Wednesday.  The personal touch is always heartwarming and well-appreciated.  Mostly though, I want to thank you for the experience.  Everyone I came into contact with in the Outpatient department at KSB was wonderful in every aspect.  They made my experience as enjoyable as possible.  Dr. Lewis will definitely be missed, … Read More

Thanking KSB’s Nurses- By KSB Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen

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During National Nurses Week, I would like to extend a special thanks to you, our KSB nurses, as you continue to provide the highest level of quality care to our patients. You deserve special recognition for your efforts in delivering compassionate care while demonstrating the principles of ethical nursing practice. This year the theme is Nursing: The Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Last month, I had the privilege to attend the American Organization of Nurse Executive conference in Baltimore and I really enjoyed a plenary speaker who spoke about the power of mindfulness in nursing practice. Stress in the … Read More

Doing Our Part for the Community by Grace Crowe – KSB Community Wellness Advocate

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KSB is involved in a variety of activities in the community. Each activity provides us as an organization the opportunity to support the agencies that are going the extra step to serve our patients and their families. Though each piece we support is important, there is always one small moment that makes us realize what a great contribution the KSB Family is to those we serve. Recently, our Professional Development Group (PDG) worked for Buddy Bags. I wrote in this space about PDG just last week. Buddy Bags is a community-based program that supplies food during the weekends for children … Read More