What’s That Pink Ribbon In Front Of KSB?

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October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded in 1985 by the American Cancer Society and a pharmaceutical company.  It is an annual campaign in October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research.  The aim of the campaign from the start has been to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer.  KSB has again erected the large pink ribbon in our circle drive in front of the hospital as a visual reminder for everyone to schedule their annual screening mammogram.  This year’s theme at KSB for … Read More

Jamming for KSB

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Saturday evening KSB Hospital took over the Riverfront in Downtown Dixon to celebrate our successes and encourage financial support of KSB Hospital. Nancy Varga, Jan Woodward, Joan Melzer and Robin Canode spearheaded preparations for an incredible evening of drinks, dining and music.  Thank you for your hard work on behalf of KSB Hospital. I reminded those in attendance of the outstanding work the KSB Family is doing in increasing quality, improving the patient experience, and offering value to our patients. We need your help to bring to our patients and their families, as well as our communities, those “value-added” services, … Read More

Dixon Nice

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I grew up in a town of 4,200 people.  I fully admit to having a small-town bias.  And I love Dixon and the small communities in KSB’s service area. As a kid, I knew I appreciated a neighbor giving me a ride home when I crashed my bike on the other side of town.  As a teenager, I was well aware that the threat from a police officer to tell my dad was way scarier than the threat of a ticket. I love the Petunia Festival, Autumn On Parade, Town & Country Days, Depot Days, as well as all the … Read More

A Special Place In Our Hearts

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People that care for others have a special place in my heart.  Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Firefighters, Police Officers.  The list goes on and on. Our community’s collective hearts were broken recently with a murder/suicide that claimed the life of Christopher, a kindergartner at St. Anne School in Dixon. St. Anne is my home parish.  This school is where both of my children completed kindergarten through 8th grade.  It remains a magical place. Many of those wonderful people that care for others have children and grandchildren of their own. Memories of losing a child are not often forgotten. My thoughts and … Read More

Accepting The Award Is… Partnering To Improve Mental Health

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It is said that when a football team wins the quarterback gets too much credit, and when they lose the QB gets too much blame.  The same might be said for hospital CEO’s. A few weeks ago KSB Hospital was recognized by Sinnissippi Centers, a community mental health provider, as their Partner of the Year. Mental health touches a significant percentage of any community’s citizens.  I am extremely proud of the work KSB Hospital and our clinical team, led by Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen, has done in improving the diagnosis and treatment of those impacted. All I did was … Read More

Nurses Don’t Always Eat Their Young

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I received an incredible gift last week from KSB Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer, Linda Clemen.  I asked Linda to pull together some “new” nurses. Approximately ten professionals that have recently completed their education and began their career as a nurse at KSB Hospital. I asked about their on boarding experience, their transition from working at KSB as a CNA and transitioning into the role of a Registered Nurse.  I heard their perspectives on what goals and aspirations they have in the first few years of their career, and I received some ideas on how we can better serve our patients. … Read More

Just Be Nice – I Want Your Thoughts

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Two important events converged into one thought process that I want to share with you.  I had the opportunity to speak to the Sauk Valley Leadership Group on the topic of community citizenship.  This meeting was followed two days later by the Illinois Hospital Association Transforming Illinois Task Force. A question from the Leadership Group asked what my greatest concern was for our community.  My response focused on societal acceptance of rude, disrespectful behavior.  We see it most visibly in the political process, and my belief is the behavior is becoming acceptable in the workplace. The IHA Task Force centered … Read More

Little Things Matter

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Little things matter, both in business and in gaining and holding the confidence of those we serve. When KSB’s facilities and grounds look great, our patients and staff benefit. Our attention to detail is evidenced by a project recently completed by KSB’s Plant Operations Team. Thanks guys, it looks awesome! Dave

KSB Wants To Help

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Are you a member of a church group, school, or civic club that has ideas about a community health improvement project, but lacks the funding or expertise to launch?  KSB wants to help. We are seeking projects intended to increase the health and well being of the communities we serve. Assistance might be in the form of financial support, professional input from KSB employees, or even meeting space. You come up with the idea, and we will help get you started. Click on “Email David” at the top of this page with your suggestions and ideas.  These concepts will be … Read More

Warm Wishes to KSB’s Executive Intern!

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Friday represents the final day of the summer internship for Daryl Porter II, part of the American College of Healthcare Executives Summer Enrichment Program. Daryl spent time in the areas of Administration, Finance, Materials Management, Revenue Cycle, and Development.  It was a joy having him for the Summer in Dixon. Best wishes Daryl, as you return for your last year of your graduate program, and don’t forget your friends here at KSB Hospital!