What Is A “Tweener”?

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The Illinois Hospital Association (IHA) has an interesting classification for hospitals that are smaller than academic medical centers, yet larger than critical access hospitals. IHA calls us “tweeners”. We fall between the previously mentioned groups.  Hospitals in addition to KSB Hospital that fall into this group include CGH Medical Center in Sterling , Sara Bush Lincoln Hospital in Mattoon, and Morris Community Hospital. Earlier this week I attended one of the quarterly meetings of the Tweener group in Springfield. I find the content and relationships incredibly helpful. This session’s topics included the role of population health in a rural setting, IHA advocacy … Read More

A Gold Medal in Having Fun – The Quality Department Olympic Games

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Earlier this week I posted on my love for all things Olympian.  Little did I know that I would walk down the hallway to KSB Hospital’s Quality Department and experience Closing Ceremonies right here in Dixon! Elizabeth Accardi, R.N., was the Master of Ceremonies.  Here is Elizabeth’s account of the fun and games: To commemorate the Olympic Games currently being held in Rio, the Quality Department used this as inspiration to celebrate its own Olympians within the department.  The Quality team members determined characteristics, traits, and qualities that makes our department successful and those were compiled into a list of 23 … Read More

Confessions of an Olympic Junky

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I am a Summer Olympic junky.  Swimming, cycling, volleyball, basketball, and especially track & field are sports I love.  Watching the world’s best athletes compete at the top of their game is a treat. But that’s not what I love the most. My favorite part is the raw emotion.  A women’s 1500 meter runner breaks into tears after realizing she earned a bronze medal, her first podium finish in three Olympic games spanning 12 years.  The pain parents and family members endure when their athlete is laying it all on the line. It’s great theatre, and it puts on display some … Read More

Remembering Martha Wilson – KSB Hospital Chief Nursing Officer

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Martha Wilson giving speech

Martha Wilson served KSB Hospital for 41 years, ending her career in 1999 as its Chief Nursing Officer.  Martha passed away recently.  Her legacy remains with all of us that worked with her. I remember Martha for her smile and warm laugh. To me, she represented a “nurse’s nurse”. She cared deeply for the patient as well as the professional nurse. KSB Hospital was a remarkably different place when Martha began her career in 1958. Imagine the changes our organization has experienced since that time. As a new Medical Imaging Director, Martha was available, kind and understanding as I learned … Read More

Disruptive Innovation at KSB Hospital

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“Disruptive Innovation” was the title of a presentation given at a meeting I attended this week in Naperville.  I am a member of the Illinois Hospital Association Transforming Healthcare Task Force.  The subject was telemedicine. Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve a patient’s clinical health status. KSB Hospital has adopted telemedicine for our eICU and for stroke patients in our Emergency Department.  We use telemedicine to get readings on some medical imaging studies  Telemedicine is used for some behavioral health visits with a psychiatrist. Having a caregiver somewhere other than in … Read More

Living KSB’s Standards of Behavior

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Helicopter Over KSB

Every employee and potential employee at KSB Hospital signs a document called the Katherine Shaw Bethea Standards of Behavior.  Developed by a team of physicians, nurses, technicians, office staff, and environment of care team members, this document serves as the guiding principles of our organization. Four key components are the cornerstones of the standards: Integrity Respect Teamwork Accountability How is your work unit performing in regards to these values?  I see these displayed every day in the way we treat our patients, their families, as well as each other. Dave

KSB leaves a significant footprint

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Tuesday afternoon I visited all of the KSB Clinics. In addition to the four Dixon clinics, I visited Polo, Mt. Morris, Oregon, Ashton, and Amboy. In addition to our family medicine practices, several of these clinics have rehabilitation services, laboratory, and Medical Imaging.  Dentists and Chiropractors are tenants in some locations. I am proud of the footprint KSB holds in Lee and Ogle Counties.  These clinics bring outstanding care to the residents of these communities along with great jobs and attractive buildings. Thank for the opportunity to be a part of these wonderful towns. Dave

Let’s take a walk…

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An important agreement between KSB Team Members is a pledge to walk people to their destination.  Entering a healthcare facility is a stressful event.  Regardless of whether the individual is a patient or a visitor, a hospital can be an intimidating and scary place. Our job is to make that place less scary. At KSB Hospital we have several things we talk about to decrease anxiety.  One of these is walking people to their destination.  As a species, human beings are not known for outstanding listening skills.  That ability lessens with stress. Taking people to the area where they will … Read More

A patient thanks KSB for a wonderful experience

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One of the best parts of my job as CEO is to hear from our patients about the wonderful things KSB Family members do every day.  Following is a letter I am reprinting with permission from the patient regarding their experience in KSB Hospital’s Surgical Department. Dave July 19, 2016 Dear KSB Board of Directors, Just wanted to drop a note to say, how very, very happy I am with my out- patient experience at your hospital.  Starting with the check-in lady and front desk – she sets the tone, you know. Then Kaile, CNA, helped me get ready and … Read More

The best improvement ideas come from people that do the work

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Lean Lunch

The best improvement ideas come from people that do the work.  Drew Fenner, KSB Hospital’s Director of Process Improvement, led a session this week that presented several such ideas. The attached picture describes work that decreases the time it takes to diagnose and begin treatment for stroke victims.  Another project cleaned and organized a storage room.  One project studied the best way to deliver mail to internal departments in our clinic. The list continues, and the improvement is significant, resulting in increased patient safety, better employee satisfaction because we are performing meaningful work, and cost savings through gained efficiencies. Congratulations … Read More