Partnering together for great care

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This week I have the opportunity to attend The Institute for Healthcare Executives & Suppliers bi-annual meeting.  I have participated with this group for nearly seven years, and find it to be an interesting and mutually beneficial concept. Vendors meet with small groups of hospital leaders, generally 6 -8 people, and present products and services that are either not yet at market or recently released.  The goal is for the suppliers to hear from the executives suggestions on how the product might be marketed, what kind of questions might be asked, and if adjustments should be made to the offering. … Read More

KSB Caring Friends – People Helping People

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In the early 1990’s Carol Koehler, RN, an Emergency Department Nurse at KSB Hospital, approached CEO Darryl Vandervort with an idea. Carol wanted to start a program that would allow KSB employees to provide financial assistance to other members of the KSB Family. Voluntary donations could be made that could then be distributed by a committee comprised of anonymous KSB employees.  All requests would be confidential.  Funds could be distributed and used for insurance premiums, house payments, utility expenses… anything the committee deemed appropriate. Hospital leadership would have no input other than voicing their support. This program became known as … Read More

Recapping the 2017 KSB Employee Meetings

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This picture shows nationally-renowned speaker Richard Corder kicking back and focusing just before the start of KSB Hospital’s 2017 Employee Meeting at The Historic Dixon Theatre. There were so many takeaways from our time together. The one that will stay with me is “emotions and values can spread in a community with the same patterns as infections diseases”. This quote was pulled by Richard from a Harvard Business Review article. An additional message shared by Richard is the concept of “fixing the mirror”. When one sees a hair out of place, a tie not quite right, or a button left … Read More

KSB Hospital’s Anticoagulation Clinic

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Earlier this month I spent time observing in KSB Hospital’s Anticoagulation Clinic.  This clinic serves patients, referred from their physician, in monitoring blood levels for Coumadin. I found the  setting to be very patient friendly, located just off the Main Lobby of KSB Hospital.  Rob Baker, Pharm.D., does a masterful job educating the patient and encouraging questions not only about this specific medication, but on any drugs the patient takes. World-Class customer service happens every day here at KSB.  The Anticoagulation Clinic is a shining example.

And the Cubs tickets winner is…

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Judy Dissinger, a member of KSB Hospital’s Housekeeping Team, will be receiving four tickets to see the World Champion Chicago Cubs. Judy’s response to the question  “What is one thing people don’t know about KSB Hospital?” was “KSB gives back to the community and it’s employees. Such as KSB Community Wellness, Cub’s tickets, United Way, Caring Friends and YMCA and so on and so forth. Congratulations Judy!  Thank you to the 1,000+ hits that the site received and the 85+ comments.  Look back often for other chances to win.  It’s a long season!

Enter now to win Cubs tickets!!!

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Here is a chance to win a set of four tickets to see the World Champion Chicago Cubs in a game this upcoming season. Between now and Monday, January 23rd at 5:00 PM I will be accepting answers posted online to this question: What is one thing people don’t know about KSB Hospital? This can be a statistic from your department, a service offered to our customers, a resource that might be available… anything at all that you are creative enough to think of. You don’t have to be a KSB employee to win. On Tuesday, January 24th one random … Read More

Leading the way towards healthier communities

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In 2017 KSB Hospital will focus on enhancing health for those we are privileged to serve. This enhancement begins with our own employees. We have partnered with a national wellness leader, Healics, to help us move towards enhanced health. Healics is a nurse-owned and operated company that provides coaching, employee wellness programs, and biometric screening to help our staff achieve wellness goals greater than they ever thought possible. This company works nationally with over 500 companies and screens more than 130,000 participants every year. More information can be found at  KSB Hospital employees can make appointments now for the … Read More

It’s The People at KSB

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When a person is born with the name Velda Fern Lentz, obtaining a nickname becomes a priority. “Rusty”, chosen because of the color of her hair, became her chosen title, and it stuck. Rusty’s hair changed colors so many times when I was a kid that I joked about her being one of the horses in the Wizard of Oz. You get to make those jokes about your mom. Rusty passed away on December 30th, my first experience with losing a parent.  I am learning a great deal about how important family, colleagues, parishioners and friends are in the grieving … Read More

A Lesson from John Dixon

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The rapid changes occurring in healthcare are only bound to continue. New medicines? Absolutely. Breakthroughs in delivering care? Everyday. One common change for hospitals is the expansion of access to care in an effort to make healthcare easier for patients. New forms of care continue to enter the healthcare industry from mobile health to home health and beyond. One thing I’ve learned from these changes, though, is there are always lessons from those who came before us. And who better to learn from than the man for whom our fair city is named, our very own John Dixon? Mr. Dixon … Read More

KSB’s Year of Giving

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Around the halls of KSB Hospital, we often talk about how privileged we are to be able to serve this area and proud of the difference we make. And we like to say that, in appreciation of that opportunity, KSB is a good corporate citizen to Dixon and the other communities we serve. Well, this year we put our money where our mouth is. I’m proud to share that in 2016 KSB Hospital donated more than $184,000 to the non-profits, events, schools, soccer teams and Boy Scout troops that make this such a special place to live. We take our … Read More