KSB Hospital Receives “A” Rating from Leapfrog Group

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The Leapfrog Group announced on May 15 that KSB Hospital is one of 43 hospitals in Illinois to receive their highest grade for quality and safety.  KSB is the only hospital in Northwest Illinois to earn an “A” designation. Congratulations to members of the KSB Family for continuing to follow best practices and respecting KSB’s standard of excellence.  Our patients deserve nothing but the best, and the Leapfrog recognition confirms that all the hard work you put in every day is making a difference. Congratulations KSB!!!    

Is Love Scalable?

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5 ways to stay connected to your employees as your company grows Small teams have distinct advantages. Groups of three or fewer people disrupt current ways of thinking with new ideas, inventions, and opportunities.  Small teams also allow others to observe, support, show kindness and love in a personal, inclusive fashion. What happens as teams grow?  Is it possible for members to stay connected in a meaningful way? As CEO of a rural, community hospital I have struggled with making love scalable as our organization grew over a 30 year period, from 350 employees to 1,000 team members. Authentic leadership … Read More

KSB Hospital Builds On Partnership with Sauk Valley Community College

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Sauk Valley Community College and KSB Hospital enjoy a long, mutually beneficial partnership.  This is a wild guess, but I estimate that well over 50% of KSB employees have taken advantage of SVCC for some or all of their education.  The vast majority of radiologic technologists are Sauk alum, and the greatest number of KSB nurses are graduates of SVCC’s nursing program.  I am personally thankful for Sauk providing me with an accounting course I attended prior to starting graduate school many years ago. The day for our board members and leadership team began with a breakfast with LPN students … Read More

KSB’s Medical Mission, A Pharmacy Perspective, by Luke Herbert, Registered Pharmacist

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Gratitude is the recurring theme that is everywhere throughout our week in the communities of Cusco Peru.  The gratitude in the words, eyes, and smiles of our patients and the gratitude between ourselves and the local interpreters, coordinators, and leaders as we work together to make the clinics successful.  Additionally, there is the appreciation for the many blessings that we have and often take for granted as we get to know communities with far less.  When we came to Cusco a year ago, we trusted the local coordinators to get us in a good place to help and to make … Read More

We Leave Peru With the Hope We Have Helped Many People, by Deb Drengenberg, M.D.

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My day started by driving on a cliff with a magical view of the village below. As we arrived in Pillpinto, much like the second day, there were tents set up in the street with indigenous people lining up for care. As we set up shop and began the craze of providing care, I had an extremely interesting first encounter with 3 elderly ladies. The 3 beautiful, indigenous, elderly ladies gave my day an interesting start by calling me a “Gringo,” patting me on the butt and offering to feed me and come live with them. Next, interesting patient care … Read More

To The Child Around The World by Pratip Nag, M.D.

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To the child around the world  In my travels, over the last 46 years, I have noticed in you the same beauty. You live in the moment with not many worries of the past or the future. You laugh and you cry without abandon to show your happiness and sorrow. You dream unabashedly without the worries of the past failures, the uncertainty of success or the judgment of those around you. You dream of ideas that others consider audacious! You are courageous to try something new without the fear of failure. You persistently think of how to solve problems in your … Read More

Cusco Is… Colorfully Incredible by Kate Ryczek

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There are simply no words to describe the reality of the  colorful world of emotion that the villages of Cusco, Peru provide. Every day and every patient has provided us with a new emotion ranging from sad, happy, angry, encouraged, frustrated, impressed, nervous, and the list goes on. The acuity of patients has ranged from minimal with simple symptoms to treat, all the way to serious conditions involving referrals to specialists. The patients have been nothing short of grateful and beyond loving for the services they have received. Today we provided care in Oropesa, the bread capital of Peru! This … Read More

From a Nurse’s Perspective

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The first day of the medical campaign was in Chinchero, Peru. We rode for about one hour to the site, traveling up in elevation. The view from the bus window revealed steep hillsides and much construction. Women in hard hats and skirts worked alongside the men pushing wheelbarrows with red stones and soil. When we reached the town plaza we were ushered into a large room that was connected to the health department. There was a quick meeting and assembling of the workstations. When we arrived there were patients already waiting. Nurses were the third station, following registration and intake. … Read More

The Many Blessings of Cusco

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We woke to a beautiful Sunday morning, setting the stage to write about the many blessings of Cusco we have all encountered in such a short time. Because there is so much to do, the team decided to break into two groups and experience two different types of Cusco culture. One team went to Rainbow Mountain to hike and explore the Andes Mountains and the other team decided to stay local and see what the wonderful city of Cusco had to offer. The adventurist team woke very early to arrive at their departure sight at 4:00 am! Unfortunately, they ended … Read More

1,120 Pounds

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The KSB Mission Trip to Cusco, Peru has begun!  Our CEO, David Schreiner said the most important thing is to make sure you bring back all nine members.  Not only did all nine members of our team arrive but we arrived carrying 1,120 pounds of luggage.  We had 22 large suitcases packed to capacity.   Twenty one luggages had 50 lbs and one with 70 lbs.  It was a Cusco miracle that we made it through four flights with all supplies in hand. However, the first Cusco miracle happened in Dixon, IL.  The generous donations from our KSB family and … Read More