Summer Fun

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Oh the weather outside is…HOT! It’s the middle of July and we’re all sweating under the heat and humidity of summer–and the forecast doesn’t promise much relief.
But despite the heat, summer is a pretty enjoyable time of year. The kids are out of school, community festivals happen every weekend, sweet corn is ready to eat, and the sun shines well into the evening. We all have our own favorite part of summer.

Dr. Strom shared these photos of Dr. Tarsha “weeding his beloved carrots” 
and enjoying the fresh summer air and sunshine.

What’s your favorite summer event or activity? 
Take an air-conditioned moment to share 
your summer fun in the comments section below!

6 Comments on “Summer Fun”

  1. Being able to enjoy the outdoors no matter how miserable and hot it gets it is 100% better than winter in IL. I especially enjoy sitting on the deck relaxing and reading a good book.

  2. I love going out on the river as much as possible and soaking up the sun while enjoying the company of everyone at the sandbar. It's a great time, every time!

  3. Yes, it is hot but just remember February when we were digging out. Makes the heat much more bearable. Gardening, yard work, enjoying the new deck we built, bike riding and just being out is nice. Have a great remainder of the summer everyone. Oh, and don't forget, BBQ is always tops on my list.

  4. I totally agree with the above posts! And anyone who knows me knows that I am ALWAYS COLD and I LOVE THE HEAT!!! BBQ, hanging with friends, swimming at the lake, and summer concerts are a few of my favorites.

  5. Grilling and talking with friends on the back porch well into the night, while the locusts and crickets give a backdrop of sound.

  6. Lets look at this from a different angle – it's not hot, it's tropical. It's all in the perspecitve. It's been this hot in Florida since the beginning of May. Just remember these days when it's 40 below wind chills and we are all complaining about the cold. I enjoy relaxing on my porch, walking, gardening, fresh fruit & vegies (especially sweet corn & tomatoes),and cookouts with family. I hate cold weather, so I will not complain.

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