New Name: Day Surgery Department

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I invited Jill Scheffler to share with you some news and the reasoning behind the newly named Day Surgery Department.

– Dave

Jill Scheffler, RN, Director of Day Surgery

The department known as outpatient surgery has been renamed “Day Surgery” in order to improve communication and reduce confusion for patients and employees.

With the name outpatient in the title, there was confusion between Outpatient Testing–think labs, x-ray, CT, etc–and Outpatient Surgery–think GI lab, infusions, surgeries, and bronchoscopies.

The new Day Surgery title will better distinguish between these two different locations and different services.

New signs identify the Day Surgery department and our department is sporting scrubs with the new name embroidered.

As you interact with patients, remember to use the title Day Surgery to reduce confusion and provide a better patient experience.

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  1. Great idea! Wouldn't you also change the name of Outpatient testing? That seems just as confusing.

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