Scuff Marks and Why What We Do Matters

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Mastery-Class-GP-Scuff-MarksI just finished what our Housekeeping Director refers to as my “scuff tour”. My walk around our facilities and rubbing out scuff marks on our floors.

I stopped and talked to an elderly lady standing by herself waiting for her friend to pick her up for a ride home. She had completed a procedure with Dr. Rydzynski. She adjusted her glasses and looked up.

First she grabbed me by my tie and told me to “never get rid of Dr. Rydzynski… don’t you ever let him leave Dixon!”

She then shared with me that she finally has “all KSB doctors” and couldn’t be happier.

The expression on her faced quickly changed and she started quietly crying. She said this was now two years in remission from Stage 3 lung cancer, and she was able to see her grandson start high school earlier this week.

This amazing 5 foot tall, 95-pound woman gave me a huge hug and left our facility and rode away.

And THAT is why we do what we do.

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