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In the early 1990’s Carol Koehler, RN, an Emergency Department Nurse at KSB Hospital, approached CEO Darryl Vandervort with an idea.

Carol wanted to start a program that would allow KSB employees to provide financial assistance to other members of the KSB Family. Voluntary donations could be made that could then be distributed by a committee comprised of anonymous KSB employees.  All requests would be confidential.  Funds could be distributed and used for insurance premiums, house payments, utility expenses… anything the committee deemed appropriate.

Hospital leadership would have no input other than voicing their support. This program became known as The Caring Friends Committee, and may have been the first such program in the State of Illinois, if not the country.

Fast forward to today.

In 2016 over $37,000 was distributed by the committee to help KSB employees and their families going through challenging times.  February 17th  was the end of this year’s fund drive.  $45,032 was contributed by employees, exceeding last year’s contributions by nearly $7,000

Carol, congratulations on an idea that has helped countless people over the years.  I am incredibly proud of the way KSB team members step up to help out those in need within our own family.

We like to say at KSB “It’s The People”. In this case, it’s helping each other.

2 Comments on “KSB Caring Friends – People Helping People”

  1. Dave,
    You are so right saying “it’s the people”. Countless hours goes into this program from all walks of life to make it successful. I’m proud that KSB supports Caring Friends, and that we are able to help our fellow co-workers out.
    Connie OBrien

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