KSB Mission Trip – Day One – A View From the Chairman

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KSB Hospital Board Chairman Doug Lee presents his take on the mission trip. When I discuss KSB’s medical mission trip with friends, I usually get two questions. First, they wonder why KSB is making such a trip. Second, they wonder what the heck I’m going do when I get there. Both questions are good ones. Different people, I suppose, would answer the “why” differently. To me, the “why” is for KSB to do its part as a global citizen. As it became clear to me that KSB could survive and thrive as an independent hospital, it occurred to me that independent … Read More

KSB Mission Trip – Rare Air

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Dixon sits alongside the Rock River at an altitude of 712 feet.  Cusco, Peru is located in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of 11,152 feet.  For comparison purposes, Denver is located at 5,280 feet. To avoid losing the first few days to altitude sickness, our team is prophylactically starting acetazolamide on Friday. Symptoms of mild altitude sickness are compared to a hangover.  Severe cases can include death. That makes the idea of taking medicine seem pretty good. When asked about side effects of the medication Dr. Herbert, our team pharmacist replied: “You don’t want to know”. The KSB Mission … Read More

Team KSB Leaves for Mission Trip to Peru

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Doug Lee began his term as Chairman of the KSB Hospital Board of Directors with goals.  One goal was to establish a board quality committee.  The first meeting of that group was conducted this week.  The second goal was to create a medical mission trip involving KSB team members. Nine team members leave Saturday for Cusco, Peru to serve a medical mission.  The goal of the trip is to enhance our global perspective on medicine while supporting the provision of medical care, hygiene campaigns, and healthcare education. Team members include Julie Ammon, Dr. Appenheimer, Linda Clemen, Marissa Frost, Luke Herbert, … Read More

Privacy Matters – A Question From A Pulse Reader

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KSB Pulse reader Julie wrote the following: With Cerner Corp now working with KSB, my inquiries are as follows; Do Cerner employees have access to my medical files? If so, how can KSB assure me and their entire patient clientele, that our medical records are not shared with Cerner Employees and if it is so or becomes so, what, if any, are their consequences for leaking our private information to loved ones or anyone for that matter? I appreciate your quickness on this issue!!   I reached out to Cerner and received this response from Mitchell Clark, President – Community … Read More

The 2018 ACHE Congress – Inside The Ropes

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What is it like to be inside the ropes at ACHE Congress?  Some observations and thoughts from last week’s gathering of our nation’s health care leaders at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. The Board After personally serving with this group for two years as Governor, this gathering of rock stars is more than a board of directors.  It feels like family.  I am a student of great leadership.  The learning I gather from watching Past Chairmen Ed Lamb, Chuck Stokes and current Chair David Olson feels like a doctoral degree in how to lead.  The people that make up our … Read More

Match Day

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Match Day. These two words are, perhaps, the most important words in the vocabulary of a medical student.  Match Day is a term used widely in the graduate medical education community to represent the day when the National Resident Matching Program or NRMP releases results to applicants seeking residency and fellowship training positions in the United States. Medical students rank order their preferences of where they want to spend the next three to five years as a resident.  Residency programs, meaning hospitals, rank who they want to bring into their programs.  These get thrown into a computer program and BLAM.  Fates are decided. Match Day for residents has more … Read More

Schreiner & Langloss Present to Illinois Hospital Association on Community Partnerships

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Active Threats in Hospitals have gained increase awareness over the last few weeks following the horrific tragedy in Florida.  Recently I had the opportunity to talk about how KSB Hospital partners with the City of Dixon to create a safe environment on our campus. I co-presented with Dixon City Manager Danny Langloss.  Danny recently accepted his new position after serving as Dixon Chief of Police for many years. Thank you to the Illinois Hospital Association for allowing Danny and I to tell our story.

KSB Hospital Accelerates Path Towards Top 100 Hospitals

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Hospitals can be dangerous places. According to a 2016 study by Johns Hopkins Medicine, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States – behind cancer and heart disease.  In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 1 in 25 patients will contract at least one hospital-acquired infection during their stay. Every hospital says quality and patient safety is Job #1.  KSB Hospital proves it with data.  The attached image has an underlying theme that dots in the upper right quadrant are the goal.  The “C”, representing complications,  and “P”, representing patient safety, show … Read More

Magnet Solutions Contributes to Medical Mission Trip

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Earlier on this site I announced that a team from KSB Hospital will be going on a medical mission trip from April 14 – 22 to Peru. Yesterday Rick Rogers, Vice President with KSB partner Magnet Solutions, helped the cause with a donation of $3,500. Generous contributions such as Rick’s will allow us to provide even greater services to those we hope to serve in Peru.  Thank you Magnet for your support!