Why is KSB the Best Place for Patients?

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We had 23 comments and 8 ratings for “What makes KSB the Best Place for Employees to Work”, and I’m hoping for the same kind of success with this one. Congratulations to Mary Sanders, whose name was drawn from among those who commented, as the winner of a $25 gift certificate to the KSB Gift Shop! Here’s this week’s question: What makes KSB the Best Place for Patients to Receive Care?   

Amy Hilliker Is What’s Right at KSB!

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Carol Gugerty gave me this story about world-class care at KSB. It’s simply too beautiful to keep to ourselves. While rounding this morning I was stopped by the daughter of one of our patients. She told me that her mother, Evelyn, was admitted to our ICU department earlier this week after being ill at home for the last few months, in fact too ill to go to her hair dresser to get her hair cut. Amy Hilliker kindly admitted and took care of her.  Our patient commented to her daughter that when she was able, she wanted to have her … Read More

One More Comment on the Budget Process

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If you haven’t had a chance to view Deb Didier’s video found below take a minute and check it out. Thanks to Deb and Tom Demmer for posting this. I finished my first series of budget meetings since I sat on the other side of the table many years ago as the Director of Medical Imaging. Deb, Darryl and I brought these meetings back after a 10+ year hiatus. I was impressed with the energy and passion our Directors have for their work. They fight for their staff and for the equipment and resources they need to provide world-class care. … Read More

Budget Hearings Help Identify Priorities

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Over the past week, all Department Directors met with Darryl, Deb, and I to go over their proposed 2011 budgets line-by-line.  I invited Deb Didier to share a 60-second answer for what makes these budget hearings useful. – Dave Click here to watch the video from a KSB computer Chief Financial Officer Deb Didier shares the importance of comprehensive hearings for the 2011 budget.

KSB Cancer Care Program Receives Praise

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Sue Hageman, R.N. coordinates the Cancer Care program at KSB Hospital. We recently received a wonderful note describing the dedication and professionalism that Sue brings to her work. “I was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Sue has helped me tremendously. She’s answered any questions, helped with wigs, steered me in the right direction, and always with a smile. I too am a nurse but not all well informed on cancer. She is very knowledgeable and is the type of nurse I would want taking care of me. KSB should be proud of her. One can tell she loves … Read More

Introducing… the KSB Hospitalist Program

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I invited Dr. Tim Appenheimer to explain the Hospitalist program which launches next Monday.  With this new program, our goal is to efficiently use physician and staff time in order to improve patient care and satisfaction. – Dave You have almost certainly heard reports that KSB is preparing to implement a hospitalist program. You probably have a general idea what this means, but I would like to give you specifics regarding how a hospitalist program will look here at KSB. The first stage of the KSB Hospitalist program will become real on Monday, October 4. On this date, two physicians–Dr. … Read More

Dr. Iyer Makes The Most of EHR

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We hear a lot about electronic health records, but what does it mean day-to-day in physicians’ offices? I invited Dr. Iyer to answer that question and tell us what Practice Partner means to him. – Dave Click here to watch the video from a KSB computer Dr. Laxman Iyer is an advanced and efficient Practice Partner user.  Hear why electronic health records are important to him–and how technology helps make KSB Hospital:  

“We have been so blessed…”

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I received this letter from Connie Leffelman and had to share it with you all.  It’s stories like this that help remind us how big of an impact we can have on people’s lives. – Dave  My name is Connie Leffelman, and I am an employee of KSB Hospital. I want to express my appreciation to 3 wonderful doctors and my experience with them. My first daughter,  Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on February 27, 2010. The kindness and compassion we received from Dr. Rydzinski, Jen Gutshall, and Dr. Welty will never go unnoticed. Emily had a … Read More

Building Better Systems To Care For Patients

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Following is a comment made by a Massachusetts hospital administrator: “Our systems are too complex to expect merely extraordinary people to perform perfectly 100% of the time. We as leaders must put in place systems that support great practice by people who suffer from being human and will make mistakes. Health care takes great people AND great systems. No matter how good you are as a healthcare professional you will make mistakes. We must have systems that catch your “humanness” before it gets to patients and causes harm.” Do you know of a system at KSB that needs to improve? … Read More

Why Is KSB The Best Place To Work?

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I’ve been trying to get some conversation going on The Pulse.  We have over 3,500 visits since the launch, but we’re struggling to get employee participation. So… here’s your chance.  This is YOUR organization.  Why do YOU like working here? Hit the comment button below. -Dave