Showing We Care

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I received this note from a friend on Thanksgiving Day. Thanks to all of you for showing your professionalism and compassion for our patients and their families. – Dave I’ve been meaning to send you a note for over a week now. I thought this Thanksgiving Day would be appropriate to finally get it off. As you may know, my grandpa passed away last week after trying to recover from his hip replacement. The care and compassion shown by your nursing staff and professional staff during this time was more than I could have ever asked for. From the ER, … Read More

Looking Forward to the Employee Meetings

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The Annual Employee meetings are beginning on December 8th.  Your Administrative team is working hard to prepare a meaningful, informative event. Here’s where you come in.  I want you to tell me what you want to know.  Is there something you always wanted to ask but never have?  Are you confused about something going on in the organization, or the direction we are headed?  If you have a question about something it is very likely that others do as well. Use the Comment button below and send me a question.  Darryl has a Q  & A session during the meetings, … Read More

Thank You From a New Grandmother

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I saw this thank you note from a patient’s grandmother and I wanted to share it with everyone.  Kindness not only builds patient satisfaction, it improves local quality of life too! – Dave Dr. Alfaris, We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for my daughter and grandson.  You are the kindest doctor I have ever met! We hope in the future you decide to stay in our area.  If you do, we know we will all be blessed. Thank you again!

A Nurse’s Story

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The following is a story distributed by The Studer Group and passed along to me by Sandy Thompson.  It’s a great reminder of the impact healthcare providers have on patients’ lives. – Dave  A Nurse’s Story… Day 127 Each of our patients has a story to tell. One of our team’s chronic debilitating rheumatoid arthritis patients has an incredible story. She touches all who see her, including me. Our nursing staff would see this patient each week. Every time we saw her, she was either in her bed or in her electric wheel chair. She suffers from a severe hand … Read More

Kindness makes a difference at KSB

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I received this great letter from Jenn Soltow and wanted to share it with you all.  It reminds us that kindness is the thing patients and their families remember more than anything else. Thanks for sharing your story Jenn! – Dave Dave, On Oct 20th, I brought my son to the ER with a migraine headache, once here Dr. Hayat ordered a CT scan to rule out anything abnormal in the brain, unfortunately the CT scan came back with a possible abnormality, which turned out to be okay. Dr. Hayat was very kind and explained our options. Since MRI was … Read More

You’re Invited to the Employee Benefit Fair

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I invited Suzanne to share this invitation to the Employee Benefit Fair–a great opportunity to learn about the many benefits you’re eligible for as an employee at KSB Hospital. – Dave  Suzanne Ravlin, Director of Human Resources All employees are invited to drop by the annual Benefit Fair, hosted by the Human Resources department, Thursday and Friday in Conference Room 1. Hours are 1:30 to 6:30 p.m. on 11/4 and 6:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 11/5. The Benefit Fair is designed to inform you of the upcoming benefit enhancements and changes coming soon. Employees are eligible for a wide … Read More

Mary Helfrich Leads Flu Shot Campaign

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The Rewards and Recognition Committee reviewed a Star Card that was recently given to Mary Helfrich. Sandy Thompson recognized Mary for making sure KSB Volunteers received their flu vaccination.  – Dave The Committee wants to express appreciation to Mary for her role in executing the flu vaccination drive for employees, volunteers and other people connected to KSB. 680 Employees, 69 Volunteers and 52 Other Personnel have received the flu vaccination as of October 27th.  As Sandy stated on the Star Card, “Mary is terrific and can always be counted on!”  Many thanks to Mary and her team for doing their … Read More

Teamwork At Its Finest

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If you got up early enough Wednesday you were able to witness a truly moving event: the opening of KSB’s new Emergency Department (or at least half of it). People starting rolling in around 2 a.m. They came in two by two. IT, Housekeeping, Administration, Plant Operations, Physicians, Nursing, Medical Imaging…you name it. We were rallying around one cause: to create a strategic, safe transition from the old space to the new. Special recognition needs to go to Darryl Vandervort. The morning went off without a hitch, largely due to his hands-on planning and supervision. Mission accomplished. Thanks to everyone … Read More

Updated: Medical Imaging Q&A

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as a part of this month’s events, the Medical Imaging Department would like to answer your questions on breast health and screening. If you have a question for the Medical Imaging Department, post it as a comment to this story–and feel free to remain “Anonymous”. Questions and answers will be posted to this story as they come in. “At what age should women start getting mammograms?” The American Cancer Society recommends that screening mammograms begin at age 40, and self breast exams can begin as early as age 20. If however, there … Read More

Why is KSB the Best Place for Patients?

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We had 23 comments and 8 ratings for “What makes KSB the Best Place for Employees to Work”, and I’m hoping for the same kind of success with this one. Congratulations to Mary Sanders, whose name was drawn from among those who commented, as the winner of a $25 gift certificate to the KSB Gift Shop! Here’s this week’s question: What makes KSB the Best Place for Patients to Receive Care?