Schreiner & Langloss Present to Illinois Hospital Association on Community Partnerships

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Active Threats in Hospitals have gained increase awareness over the last few weeks following the horrific tragedy in Florida.  Recently I had the opportunity to talk about how KSB Hospital partners with the City of Dixon to create a safe environment on our campus. I co-presented with Dixon City Manager Danny Langloss.  Danny recently accepted his new position after serving as Dixon Chief of Police for many years. Thank you to the Illinois Hospital Association for allowing Danny and I to tell our story.

KSB Hospital Accelerates Path Towards Top 100 Hospitals

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Hospitals can be dangerous places. According to a 2016 study by Johns Hopkins Medicine, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States – behind cancer and heart disease.  In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports 1 in 25 patients will contract at least one hospital-acquired infection during their stay. Every hospital says quality and patient safety is Job #1.  KSB Hospital proves it with data.  The attached image has an underlying theme that dots in the upper right quadrant are the goal.  The “C”, representing complications,  and “P”, representing patient safety, show … Read More

Magnet Solutions Contributes to Medical Mission Trip

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Earlier on this site I announced that a team from KSB Hospital will be going on a medical mission trip from April 14 – 22 to Peru. Yesterday Rick Rogers, Vice President with KSB partner Magnet Solutions, helped the cause with a donation of $3,500. Generous contributions such as Rick’s will allow us to provide even greater services to those we hope to serve in Peru.  Thank you Magnet for your support!

Bring On The Employee Meetings!

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In spite of the snow and cold weather, February 7 & 8 are hot dates in Downtown Dixon.  KSB Hospital will host our annual Employee Meetings at The Historic Dixon Theater. This year’s lineup includes a return trip to Dixon for Richard Corder.  Mr. Corder enthralled our team last year, and expectations are high for this year’s presentation.  I’m calling it “Corder Unplugged”.  No PowerPoint, no slides… just Richard and a microphone. KSB’s Board of Directors put together a video expressing their thanks to our team for all you do.  Our Leadership Team will participate in a “shot-clock” driven Q … Read More

KSB Hospital Announces Medical Mission Trip

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KSB Board Chairman Doug Lee had several goals when he entered his position atop KSB Hospital’s Board of Directors in January, 2017.  Continue to improve quality, focus on community health improvement… and put into place a travel medicine program. After a year of running down alleys leading nowhere, I am thrilled to announce the first Travel Medicine Mission Trip for KSB Hospital. Beginning April 14th and continuing until April 22nd, nine members of the KSB Family will travel to Cusco, Peru.  As part of the medical campaign in Cusco, our group will aid in treating and educating patients and providing … Read More

KSB Annual Meetings – What Do You Want To Discuss?

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A highlight of the year is our Annual Employee Meetings held at The Historic Dixon Theater.  Those meetings will be held on February 7th and 8th, with a 3:30 presentation on Wednesday followed by 8:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Thursday. For those of you that attended the 2017 meeting, Richard Corder was our guest speaker.  Mr. Corder is coming back to the stage in February to connect employee engagement with patient engagement.  Here is a bio on Richard: Richard is an operations leader with over 25 years of hands-on experience. A former hotel executive, Richard weaves his passion for … Read More

Andrea Cook To Lead Patient Focused Billing Team

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In late October KSB Hospital’s Senior Leadership Team held our annual retreat.  One of the action items that came out of our time together was a desire to aggressively improve service to our patients in our billing procedures.  I am excited to announce The Patient Focused Billing Team.  Led by Andrea Cook, this group will serve as the main point of contact for our patients.  Joining Andrea to get the program started will be Shannon Tucker and Hilary Johnson.  The Patient Focused Billing Team will report to Tony Evers, Chief Financial Officer.  Andrea and her team will be located in … Read More

KSB Hospital Launches Community Health Initiative

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As each new year begins, we find ourselves looking for ways to start the year off on the right foot. January often holds promises of fresh beginnings, whether by setting new goals, adopting healthier habits or discovering new ways to give back to those around us. The start of 2018 at KSB saw the addition of the Fighting Hunger, Feeding Wellness program that provides community members who lack access to regular or nutritious meals, a place to go for wholesome food as well as education on topics such as reading nutrition labels, healthy heart rates and BMI, medication education and … Read More