The President’s Office – by Assistant to the CEO Michele Carr

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Receiving a call from the “president’s office” is often compared to being called in by “the principal,” and it can cause an unsettling feeling. In fact, my first experience with this was for an interview for my current position, Administrative Assistant to the CEO. And, although it was more than 20 years ago, I still recall that uneasy feeling. At KSB, however, I can tell you that the exact opposite is true — at least that is my goal as the keeper of this door! I would like to say that, even if someone comes in with that uneasy feeling, … Read More

Putting my John Hancock on a new beginning

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There are numerous parts of my job as President and CEO of KSB Hospital that are very cool. Few are as off-the-charts fun as signing the birth certificate of newborn babies whose mom has chosen us as the place to begin a new life for her son or daughter. Historically, the birth certificates at KSB received a stamp with the CEO’s name. That didn’t feel right to me. Now, I sit at my desk and sign my name to the welcome mat for a brand new baby boy or girl to our wonderful community. I consider it a tremendous honor when … Read More

Keeping Care Affordable at KSB – by KSB Chief Administrative Officer Julie Mann

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At KSB, we understand our role is to be here for the community we serve. After all, our mission is to restore, maintain and enhance the health of the community. There are many moving parts to carrying out this mission. In order to make a difference in your lives, we must focus on the things that matter — like providing superior care, recruiting and maintaining outstanding caregivers, and providing them with the high-quality tools and equipment they need. All of this requires continual investment. Innovations in medicine have improved recovery and quality of life for millions of people, but those … Read More

Physician Alignment

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This week I participated in the IHA Leadership Summit, along with members of the KSB Board and administration and leaders from hospitals across Illinois. As a part of the Summit, I was part of a panel discussion on Hospital-Physician Alignment. What does that mean? Basically, it’s an ongoing effort to ensure that the hospital organization and physicians have open communication, understand each others’ perspectives, share common goals, and work together to achieve those goals. It means that it’s not Hospital vs. Physicians, it’s a joint Hospital-Physician team. What do you think Hospital-Physician Alignment looks like in your department? From left … Read More

Live from #2014SRMeeting

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Each year, leaders from small & rural hospitals gather in Springfield to discuss important topics in healthcare. We hear about quality initiatives, regulatory changes, patient experience successes, and legislative updates that directly impact our ability to serve our patients. This year, I’m live tweeting a collection of thoughts and useful links from the presentations. If you’re interested in what lies ahead for small & rural hospitals like KSB, follow along: Tweets by @dlschreiner !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+”://”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”);

eSOAR Update: Thursday Evening

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The eSOAR status team met again this afternoon for a daily update of our system implementation, here are some notes: An email was sent to physicians earlier today with a screenshot walk through for viewing patient records from the ED.  Another screenshot tutorial will soon be sent out to educate physicians on using the “Pause/Break” function on Wyse Terminals. Dr. Appenheimer and Leslie Mann are developing this resource.  Weekend tech support will be available by calling x1164. We have coverage by tech staff, system champions, and nurse leaders throughout the weekend. We’re working on a plan for support staffing over … Read More

eSOAR Update: Wednesday Evening

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As we move towards the end of the second week of the eSOAR Clinical and Financial system, the newness is wearing off and understandably, excitement and enthusiasm can be replaced with frustration. I perfectly understand. The work happening behind the curtain may not be as obvious as we’d like, however it is happening at a fast pace. When users discover something wrong with the system or suggest an improvement, a work ticket is generated. Our team of consultants said we began the week with nearly 500 work tickets. After a lot of hard work, we’ve brought the number of outstanding … Read More

eSOAR Update: Monday Evening

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Welcome to week two of eSOAR. While we’re still working on a smooth and effective deployment of eSOAR, you’re probably getting used to the new screens and the new workflow, and hopefully that’s helping to promote better quality and satisfaction. Here are today’s updates from the eSOAR daily meeting: We’re working on processes for the ED to handle electronic orders and registration for patients before they’ve been assigned a physician.  Barb Stockton and the Medical Staff Services department are preparing for notifying other departments when a new physician is added.  Laboratory and other departments are working on very detailed issues … Read More

eSOAR Update: Friday Evening

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We’re at the one week mark since the eSOAR switch was flipped. We’ve made excellent progress and are much further along toward our goal of full utilization. It’s a top organizational priority to invest in technology to improve clinical quality and the patient experience. Here’s an update of where we are now: The eSOAR Financial system had a glitch this morning, caused by the data center in Pennsylvania and affecting KSB and a few other Siemens systems. The service has been restored.  Navigation and usage on OB has become more efficient and more reliable. The physicians continue to make strides … Read More