eSOAR Update: Thursday Evening

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We met again this afternoon with leaders from across the organization to discuss the progress we’re making on the eSOAR Clinical and eSOAR Financial system implementation. And again we heard a lot of reassuring news and good indications. Here’s an update: The Laboratory system is back up and running, having resolved the major issues that kept it off yesterday and this morning. Thanks to everyone who worked together to bring this important piece back online! Technical communications and tutorials are being prepared for physicians and office staff on specific features and tasks within eSOAR. Tim is working to discern ECD … Read More

eSOAR Update: Wednesday Evening

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The eSOAR Steering Committee met again this afternoon for a daily status update and group conversation. We’re still working together toward our goal of using technology to improve clinical quality and enhance the patient experience. Here’s a snapshot of our progress: In Pharmacy, it’s all systems go. The various software systems are interfaced and talking to each other, and eSOAR is running smoothly. A few issues persist in Laboratory, but we’re developing solutions and testing their viability. We’ll be resolving issues with lab orders and registrations soon. Nursing is making great progress toward customization of eSOAR to realize efficiencies. We’re … Read More

eSOAR Update: Tuesday Evening

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It’s been a pretty exciting week at KSB. We’re working together on the biggest upgrade of information technology in our organization’s history. We have hundreds of employees working around the clock to continue providing the excellent patient care our community has come to expect while also implementing the new software system. I’m more encouraged every day by the great progress we’re making. There’s a lot to take in, and your department is probably working on some specific issues, but here’s a more manageable recap: The eSOAR Steering Committee is meeting daily to share updates on the roll out of various … Read More

eSOAR Leadership Change

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The eSOAR implementation plan is well underway as training sessions and final configurations are happening throughout the organization. Today, I’m announcing some changes that will lead us through the final 15 days to Go Live. Teresa Kikuts has submitted her resignation. Project management for the eSOAR implementation will now be shared by Crystal Southerland, Susan Donnelly and Leslie Mann. Crystal, Susan and Leslie have a proven track record of organization, leadership, and critical thinking skills. I’m confident in their ability to drive a successful launch of eSOAR. As you are aware, Deb Didier continues to lead the revenue cycle change, … Read More

Planning for an Administrative Change

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Over the past year, we’ve talked about change quite a bit. Those changes affect our industry, our community, and our organization. Some of the biggest changes will come in health information technology and our eSOAR system, which will go live on June 1. Today I am announcing an organizational change that will position us for continuing success as we grow and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. Tim Broos will assume the newly-created position of Senior Director of Decision Support. This will be a Director-level position, and Tim will report directly to me. Tim will continue to oversee the departments … Read More

What would happen if we turned off email?

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Recently I had the opportunity to hear a lecture by Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker and management guru. I was fortunate afterwards to have Mr. Sinek join my Vistage group for lunch. I asked him how he kept up with his email. I complained that I feel dissatisfied with my current state of continual connectedness and the associated time drain. His response: “I turned my professional email off two years ago. Anyone that sends me an email gets an auto response stating that my reliance on email was limiting my growth and not allowing me to fully serve my constituents. … Read More

Q&A: Strategic Plan Employee Forums

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Thank you to the nearly 400 employees who attended a forum last week. I hope you heard some interesting and applicable information about the Strategic Plan. As promised, below are some of the questions asked during the forum, in case the question wasn’t asked during the forum you attended. – Dave Q – Is the eSOAR system Windows, DOS or AS400 based? A – Tim Broos explained that eSOAR is a Windows based product that is hosted in the cloud with some data also stored locally on KSB servers. Q – What happens in our cafeteria at the end of the day with the left over … Read More

Budgeting: A Plan for the Future

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budg·et [buhj-it] noun, adjective, verb, budg·et·ed, budg·et·ing. 1. an itemized estimate of expected income and expense for a given period in the future. 2. a plan of operations based on such an estimate. 3. an itemized allotment of funds, time, etc., for a given period. 4. the total sum of money set aside or needed for a purpose. 5. a limited stock or supply of something: his budget of goodwill. If you hear a collective groan around KSB over the next few weeks, it might be our management team. Later this week we begin the budgeting process for 2013. As sad as this sounds, it’s my … Read More

KSB Supports Dixon’s Big Weekend

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This weekend, Dixon has a wonderful opportunity to show off our community to a huge audience coming for the Mumford & Sons music festival.  KSB Hospital is excited to join many community organizations and small businesses as active supporters of this unique event.  With all the positives come a few challenges, some of which are unknown with a one-of-a-kind event like this. Parking, traffic, and Emergency Department volume are a few of these unknowns.  Kevin Marx is president of Dixon Main Street, the lead organization in this weekend’s festivities. This affords us an inside perspective on the weekend. Aaron Fox … Read More

Shop Local & Support Our Community

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We often talk about the impact of KSB Hospital in our community. First and foremost, we provide high-quality medical services to restore, maintain, and enhance the health of our local population. But we also have a significant impact on the local economy. From the millions of dollars we invest in facilities, equipment, and supplies, to the payroll earned by more than one thousand employees, the economic impact of KSB Hospital is significant. When we talk about supporting our community, it means more than just sponsoring local events or making community donations. We also support our community by being a part … Read More