Changes and Challenges in healthcare today and how KSB is working to maintain its commitment to quality… by KSB Quality Director Mary Ann Green

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Patients come to KSB Hospital to feel better. Quality is assumed. As the new Director of Quality/Medical Staff at KSB Hospital, it is my job to make sure that assumption is correct. As a newcomer to this community, I am so happy to have found a very compassionate, quality-driven organization that focuses on its journey to becoming a Top 100 hospital in the country.  It is refreshing and exciting to witness the commitment of KSB to be a leader in healthcare services and a leader in quality healthcare results, as challenging as it can be. One challenge in healthcare is … Read More

Improving care to ICU patients – by Professional Development Group Member Becca Demmer, R.N.

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Early next year, our ICU will launch an exciting new program to enhance patient care. The eICU program, which is a partnership with OSF, will incorporate telemedicine into our bedside care. Three of our ICU rooms will have cameras and TVs that dedicated to eICU. KSB staff will be able to see and talk to an intensivist physician on the TV, and the physician will be able to see what is being done as it is happening. This technology will be especially useful in emergency situations. The eICU service will be available from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Monday through … Read More

Can young physicians receive top-notch family medicine specialty training in a rural environment?

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  “Can young physicians receive top-notch family medicine specialty training in a rural environment?” “Will these young physicians choose to work in a rural environment after graduation?” More than a dozen years ago, KSB Hospital and the University of Illinois College of Medicine-Rockford (UICOM-R) answered both of these questions with a tentative “Yes.” The resulting collaboration gave birth to the Dixon Rural Training Track in Family Medicine (Dixon RTT). In the intervening years, sixteen freshly-minted family physicians have moved successfully from the Dixon RTT into the workforce as board-certified family medicine physicians with a U of I residency certificate. This … Read More

Hospital Ratings: Important but Confusing – by Suzanne Ravlin, KSB Senior Director of Human Resources & Quality

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There’s been a lot of talk about hospital ratings lately. That’s because it is more important than ever for patients to know how a hospital is performing. The public needs to find ways to hold hospitals accountable for their performance. That’s why so many websites are attempting to rate quality in healthcare. The more common hospital-rating websites include: U.S. News & World Report, the Leapfrog Group, Truven, Health Grades and many others. Hospital data is also reported to the state health department and on the federal-run Hospital Compare website. All of that means we at KSB Hospital must be prepared … Read More

Physician Alignment

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This week I participated in the IHA Leadership Summit, along with members of the KSB Board and administration and leaders from hospitals across Illinois. As a part of the Summit, I was part of a panel discussion on Hospital-Physician Alignment. What does that mean? Basically, it’s an ongoing effort to ensure that the hospital organization and physicians have open communication, understand each others’ perspectives, share common goals, and work together to achieve those goals. It means that it’s not Hospital vs. Physicians, it’s a joint Hospital-Physician team. What do you think Hospital-Physician Alignment looks like in your department? From left … Read More

Dr. Yeager set for ‘Meet the Masters’ broadcast

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I have some exciting news to share this morning. Our own Dr. David Yeager was invited for an interview on Meet the Masters, a national medical talk show. Check out the information below to listen to the broadcast. Congratulations to Dr. Yeager!  -Dave American Society of Podiatric Surgeons Chair Dr. David Yeager will be on Meet the Masters next Tuesday, December 17 at 9 PM EST.  To listen to Dr. Yeager’s broadcast please visit and register for free.  From the Podiatric Success website:  Meet the Masters is the leading information forum for today’s dynamic Podiatric Medical and Surgical profession … Read More

2012 Accomplishments

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As we celebrate the coming of a new year, we can’t forget to look back over the last year and recognize all the good things we’ve accomplished. Looking back on 2012, I see a heck of a lot to be proud of: we’ve improved the lives of countless patients and families, made KSB Hospital a stronger organization, and built a great team. I showed this slideshow to the Board of Directors at our December meeting. Take a look at everything we’ve accomplished together in the past year!

Back-to-Back: KSB Receives HealthGrades Award Again

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Congratulations! I’m excited to announce that KSB Hospital was again named a recipient of the HealthGrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award, and scored in the Top 5% of U.S. hospitals for the second consecutive year! We were thrilled to receive the award last year and even more excited to hear that our hard work has been recognized again.  To score in the top 5% of U.S. hospitals is impressive, to do so two years in a row shows that we ‘Always’ provide an excellent patient experience. – Dave KSB Hospital in Top 5% Nationally for Patient Experience Receives Outstanding Patient Experience Award for … Read More

Doing the Right Thing

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I received this excerpt from Chad Brinkmann in Physical Therapy. Chad recommended it as reminder of what it takes to make KSB Hospital the best place for patients to receive care. Thanks for sharing! – Dave

Dr. Reckamp Leads By Example

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Great patient care begins with great physician leaders. Here’s a note from House Supervisor Donna Sandoval that describes how helping hands help lighten everyone’s load. – Dave  Dave, Tonight was an exceptionally busy night. ER was full and busy adapting to their new computer system and the Med/Surg floors were equally busy with a large number of admissions. Dr. Reckamp took notice and jumped right in to help. He took the initiative of personally bringing his patient up to his room from the ER. While he brushed it off and said “its not that hard”, the point was that he … Read More