What would happen if we turned off email?

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Recently I had the opportunity to hear a lecture by Simon Sinek, a motivational speaker and management guru. I was fortunate afterwards to have Mr. Sinek join my Vistage group for lunch. I asked him how he kept up with his email. I complained that I feel dissatisfied with my current state of continual connectedness and the associated time drain. His response: “I turned my professional email off two years ago. Anyone that sends me an email gets an auto response stating that my reliance on email was limiting my growth and not allowing me to fully serve my constituents. … Read More

100,000 Visits!

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The Pulse launched on August 4, 2010 with the goal of improving communication between administration and employees from every department. Today we welcomed the 100,000th visitor! We’ll announce the winner of our contest soon. In the meantime, take a moment to look back on all the great stories from patients about What’s Right at KSB–or what makes KSB the Best Place to Work–or all the Questions & Answers we’ve discussed–or a few of the laughs we’ve shared. Thank you for all the work you do to make KSB Hospital the community’s first choice for health services! – Dave

KSB Supports Dixon’s Big Weekend

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This weekend, Dixon has a wonderful opportunity to show off our community to a huge audience coming for the Mumford & Sons music festival.  KSB Hospital is excited to join many community organizations and small businesses as active supporters of this unique event.  With all the positives come a few challenges, some of which are unknown with a one-of-a-kind event like this. Parking, traffic, and Emergency Department volume are a few of these unknowns.  Kevin Marx is president of Dixon Main Street, the lead organization in this weekend’s festivities. This affords us an inside perspective on the weekend. Aaron Fox … Read More

Thanks for Attending

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Thank you to everyone that was able to attend the Employee Forums. Your administrative team is working hard to keep you informed and respond to your questions and concerns. As I said at the end of the presentation, KSB’s best years are ahead of us. We continue to improve to meet the increasing demands and challenges of our patients and their families. Thanks for being a part of KSB’s success! -Dave

Mythbusters: Suggest a Topic

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As you’ve seen on posters and around timeclocks, the July Employee Forums will have a Mythbusters theme during which we’ll address some of the frequently asked questions and popular misconceptions about KSB Hospital. With a struggling economy, a changing healthcare industry, ongoing technological advances, and an evolving community, rumors and speculation have a way of creeping in to everyday conversation. We’re committed to honest, transparent communication across the organization, and that’s just what we hope to achieve in the upcoming Employee Forums.  We need your input to ensure we can address the questions that are on your mind. What rumors … Read More

Update on Strategic Planning

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You may recall that at the beginning of 2012 KSB Hospital embarked on a process of strategic planning. It has been nearly a decade since we undertook this endeavor, and with the ongoing changes in the national healthcare environment, now is the right time to look ahead and make plans for our organization. I want to give you an update on the work that has already taken place. Nine separate categories were created to feed into the overall KSB strategic plan. These included areas as like information technology, demographics, facility planning, quality and others.  Work teams led by your vice … Read More

UPDATED: 10 Reasons to Attend This Week’s Employee Forums

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UPDATE: We held four Employee Forums today–two at TSC and two at KSB–and had incredible participation! So far, we’ve had 246 attendees. We’re aiming to beat 350 attendees to earn the prize drawing. Remind your coworkers about the Friday forums at 7:45, 9 and 10:30 in Conference Room 1. Thursday, April 5 and Friday, April 6 will bring the second employee forums for 2012.  Here are the Top Ten Reasons to attend: You will have the opportunity to cast your vote and drive KSB’s strategic plan for the future; Rumor has it the event will be “of historical significance”; The … Read More

No Email Day on Tuesday, March 27

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KSB hospital management is taking part in an “E-mail Free Day” next Tuesday, March 27. The purpose is to give management a chance to hone their communication skills. Sometimes we find that it’s easy to fire off an e-mail or a text message when the better communication method would be a personal visit or a phone call. This exercise will serve as a reminder of the importance of personal communications with our coworkers, customers and everyone that we do business with. This means that you may have trouble getting a response to an e-mail sent to a KSB manager on … Read More

How Are We Doing?

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Transparency is very high on the list of goals that Administration has on its to-do list for 2012.  One of the pillars of success for KSB Hospital is the finance pillar. Through the first two months of the year your organization is operating at a profit of 5.4%.  This exceeds our Board of Directors goal of 5%. Our margin for the month of February was 4.1%. Inpatient census year-to-date stands at slightly more than 3.6 patients higher as compared to this point in 2011. Patient encounters, a key indicator of activity in the outpatient setting and for the KSB Medical … Read More