Location, Location, Location

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I’m visiting the KSB Medical Group clinics in Amboy, Ashton, Oregon, and Polo this morning to look over the buildings and grounds, visit with employees, and promote good communication with the folks who were unable to attend one of the employee forums. It’s important we remember our fellow employees on the “front lines” in these neighboring communities.  They’re often the first impression of KSB Hospital to residents of rural Lee and Ogle counties. Thanks for all the great service you provide to our communities! – Dave A stop by the Amboy Clinic. Visiting the Ashton Clinic. Swinging by the Oregon … Read More

Q & A: Employee Forums

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I’m excited to announce a series of employee forums beginning April 8.  These forums will be scheduled quarterly and will offer an organizational update, share progress toward collective goals, and answer questions submitted by employees and departments.  No sign up necessary, just pick a forum and show up! Add a comment to this post with questions or topics you’d like to have addressed during the employee forums.  Ask a specific question for yourself, a question on behalf of your department, or a general question for the whole organization. By building strong communication and promoting transparency at every level, we can … Read More

Celebrate Nutrition!

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I invited Carrie Grobe to field your questions and offer tips on healthy lifestyles and good nutritional choices. – Dave Carrie Grobe, Clinical Dietitian March is National Nutrition Month. What better way to celebrate than by increasing your knowledge of diet and nutrition? As a community dietitian, I work to promote healthy eating in the public through health fairs, group presentations, corporate lunch ‘n learns, and by writing a newspaper column. As KSB Hospital’s wellness dietitian, I work to improve the diets of our customers, but also try to promote good nutrition for all employees. A healthy diet not only … Read More

Principle #2: Measure the Important Things

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I’m excited to share this article from Deb Didier and Julie Mann announcing a team they’re heading up to help make KSB Hospital the best hospital in the country.  Thanks to the members of this new team for their participation and hard work! – Dave  Do you know how KSB measures the important things?  If not, you soon will.   Deb Didier and Julie Mann have recently organized the Communication of Measures team.  This team applies Principle Two, “Measure the Important Things” to patient satisfaction. They focus on interpreting the hospital’s tools for quantifying patient satisfaction, measuring progress, and helping … Read More

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

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I invited Aaron Fox to share some information on the new signs you see dotting our walls, and how we still have an opportunity to go the extra mile for our patients. – Dave Aaron Fox (Director of Safety and Property Management) By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed all the new signs throughout Commerce Towers and the hospital.  Over the past year, we’ve worked with ASI, a professional sign maker, to create and install new directional and informational signs across every corner of our main campus. We started with the large outdoor signs at intersections to help patients and visitors … Read More

UPDATED x2: Darryl Vandervort Announces Retirement

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As you’ve probably seen on The OC or heard from a co-worker, Darryl Vandervort announced this morning that he’ll retire as President and CEO of KSB Hospital on April 1, 2011. This news will soon hit the local newspapers and radio stations, but we made a special point to announce it inside the organization first. The first news broke at 5 AM with a story on The OC. At 6 AM, a mass email was sent to all employees. By 7 AM, posters were located at each time clock pointing you to check out the news on The OC. And … Read More

Join the conversation!

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One of the top priorities of this blog is to enhance communication among individuals and departments throughout the organization.  And because communication is a two-way street, I want to be sure you feel comfortable leaving comments on these blog posts.  In fact, many of these blog posts will be specifically designed to get feedback and input from all employees. In order to comment on a story, click the title of the story or the “# Comments” link at the bottom of the post.  Then, at the bottom of the post, you’ll find a blank text box and a “Comment as:” … Read More

Home Depot and KSB: The Art of Listening

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This morning I was reading some stock information on consumer retail giant Home Depot. The article centered on this company’s shift from the art of retail to the science of retail. The technological investments the company is making are expected to positively impact profits in future years. What does this have to do with KSB? Good question… stick with me on this one. Home Depot is putting a strong focus on its online presence. “Social networking “, such as its online gardening community, have thousands of participants that keep coming back to the site to exchange ideas with peers that … Read More