Welcome to KSB – By Professional Development Group Member Alicia Carlson

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Ever wonder why the friendly faces at Check-In are ALWAYS asking the same monotonous questions and ALWAYS seem to want yet ANOTHER copy of those pesky insurance cards? There is a valid explanation to this tedious rigmarole. A proper Check-In is a crucial component to the success of the billing process. In this day and age, information can change in a heartbeat. In the Patient Access department, we take a proactive approach to staying ahead of the game in keeping with the most up-to-date information. No two accounts are the same, and there is no cookie-cutter way to check in … Read More

Putting my John Hancock on a new beginning

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There are numerous parts of my job as President and CEO of KSB Hospital that are very cool. Few are as off-the-charts fun as signing the birth certificate of newborn babies whose mom has chosen us as the place to begin a new life for her son or daughter. Historically, the birth certificates at KSB received a stamp with the CEO’s name. That didn’t feel right to me. Now, I sit at my desk and sign my name to the welcome mat for a brand new baby boy or girl to our wonderful community. I consider it a tremendous honor when … Read More

A Note from the Farmers’ Daughter – by KSB Board Member Katie Pratt

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Last week I stopped by my parents’ farm for lunch. Dad came in from morning chores with his finger wrapped in duct tape. Just another farm injury, like so many others, taken care of with what was handy — duct tape, wire, twine, super glue. Growing up a farm kid, I’ve seen it all, and now I witness My Farmer’s (i.e., my husband’s) doctoring skills often. My family often jokes about a farmer’s reluctance to see a doctor. But in reality, a farmer is just as concerned with health and well-being as the rest of us. KSB’s service area is … Read More

Hospital Ratings: Important but Confusing – by Suzanne Ravlin, KSB Senior Director of Human Resources & Quality

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There’s been a lot of talk about hospital ratings lately. That’s because it is more important than ever for patients to know how a hospital is performing. The public needs to find ways to hold hospitals accountable for their performance. That’s why so many websites are attempting to rate quality in healthcare. The more common hospital-rating websites include: U.S. News & World Report, the Leapfrog Group, Truven, Health Grades and many others. Hospital data is also reported to the state health department and on the federal-run Hospital Compare website. All of that means we at KSB Hospital must be prepared … Read More

Community Wellness at KSB by KSB Vice President of Business Development Kevin Marx

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In 2013, KSB Hospital undertook its first formal Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). Using evidence- based indicators of health status, a steering committee worked with hospital staff to identify and prioritize opportunities to influence and improve our community’s wellness through programming and interventions offered outside the hospital walls. Under the leadership of our Community Wellness Department, we are creating specific activities to address the health needs which were identified in the CHNA. Below are the selected priority need areas in 2015, followed by some examples of our efforts. Be on the look out for these initiatives — and if you … Read More

KSB and Sauk Valley C.C. – A History of Our Healthy Partnership

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Sauk Valley Community College and KSB have become two distinct landmarks situated within the Sauk Valley. While both institutions provide entirely separate services, their core missions and strategic visions are deeply rooted within serving our community and improving the quality of the many lives that reside within it. KSB accomplishes this by providing exceptional healthcare and service, while Sauk Valley Community College focuses on providing access to higher education and feeding the workforce pipeline. Over the years, Sauk Valley Community College has had a rich history of collaborating with KSB to stay current in today’s rapidly -evolving healthcare trends, provide … Read More

Scuff Marks and Why What We Do Matters

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I just finished what our Housekeeping Director refers to as my “scuff tour”. My walk around our facilities and rubbing out scuff marks on our floors. I stopped and talked to an elderly lady standing by herself waiting for her friend to pick her up for a ride home. She had completed a procedure with Dr. Rydzynski. She adjusted her glasses and looked up. First she grabbed me by my tie and told me to “never get rid of Dr. Rydzynski… don’t you ever let him leave Dixon!” She then shared with me that she finally has “all KSB doctors” … Read More

Thank You: Sports Physicals Benefit Schools

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Each year, KSB sponsors sports physicals for students from across the area and donates all of the money collected back to the student’s school. We couldn’t do this without the hard work of many employees and volunteers. On June 4, we provided nearly 100 sports physicals and donated $2,640 back to 11 local schools. Special thanks to all those who helped make the day a great success: Dr. Bocker, Dr. Eustace, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Sanamandra, Dr. Reckamp, Dr. Siu, Melinda Imel, Robin Eikenberry, Blanca Sanchez, Melanie Rick, Michelle Wilson, Melissa Wagner, Jane Chronister, Lane Fellows, Amy Ingram, Mike Sarno, Courtney … Read More

Inside Reagan’s CIA

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Next Wednesday evening our community will play host to Herb Meyer, a man with a fascinating story of his work in the Central Intelligence Agency during President Ronald Reagan’s administration. I wanted to share this information with you and invite you to attend this one-of-a-kind dinner. The dinner will be held October 9 at Timber Creek Golf Club, with a cocktail hour at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30. The cost of a ticket is $30. The proceeds from the dinner go directly to support the Ronald Reagan Boyhood Home, one of our community’s most distinguished landmarks. KSB Hospital is proud … Read More

Evolving from “sick care” to Community Wellness

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Here’s a letter I recently sent out to our Board of Directors, a group of KSB employees, and community leaders regarding our ongoing Community Health Improvement Project. Friends,  I want to thank you for your continuing support for KSB’s Community Health Improvement Project. Beginning in 2012 you have allocated resources that have allowed us to serve a wide-ranging demographic in the communities we care for.  We are making a difference. Operation Move To Win has resulted in over 2,000 lbs. of weight lost in the first two months. That means less chronic disease and healthier families. We have visited schools … Read More