Harrisburg Medical Center CEO Dies in Motorcycle Accident

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The hospital CEO community in Illinois is a tight group, and we lost one of our own this week with the death of Harrisburg Medical Center CEO Vincent Ashley. I chaired a meeting in Sprinfield last week that Vince attended.  His community and his organization are still recovering from a tornado earlier this year that forced a closure of a large part of the hospital. Vince’s wife was with him on his motorcycle and is in critical condition in Evansville, Indiana.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Ashley family and the Harrisburg community. – Dave

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

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I’m really trying to stay connected in this “always-on” world in which we live.  The Pulse reaches out to our employees, we had over 325 people join us for last week’s employee forums, The Connection provides news items, Meals with the Administrators occur on a regular basis, and beginning March 1 The Daily Huddle brings our work units together to discuss timely issues. Tom Demmer, our resident tech guru and promoter of all things involving social media, has finally convinced me to enter the world of Twitter. You can “follow me” (if that doesn’t sound as creepy to you as … Read More

UPDATED: Let’s Talk

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“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you around in a while.” I seem to be getting that question more often lately. In spite of being “there” a high number of hours per week, I’m not “there” where our most important people–our patients and you, the KSB staff–need me to be. I consider myself a servant leader. It’s my job to clear the path for you to provide world-class care and win every patient encounter. I recently put a great deal of energy and effort into a project. I was truly proud of the result. I thought (and still do) … Read More

The End of an Era

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I just walked back into my office after spending the afternoon at a retirement tea in honor of Darryl Vandervort.  It was the final event in a week-long celebration of Darryl’s career at KSB Hospital.  Over the past week, I had such an enjoyable time talking and sharing stories with current employees, recent retirees, and members of the community. After the meetings, discussions, and celebrations of the past week, it’s nice to have a quiet moment on this Friday afternoon.  It gives me a chance to think of all the comments, stories, and memories people have used to describe what … Read More

Summer Intern Program

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I know this might come as shocking news for many of you, but kids do not grow up wanting to be hospital administrators. If one were to poll a group of kindergartners, the five year olds would respond with professions such as doctor, nurse, maybe even an occasional accountant. Hospital administrator… not so much. In 2010 administration decided to expand our organizations intern program. We hoped that putting our leaders in a position of mentor and teacher would help them to” sharpen the saw”. Based on the quality of young adults that have spent some time at KSB this summer, … Read More