Can young physicians receive top-notch family medicine specialty training in a rural environment?

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  “Can young physicians receive top-notch family medicine specialty training in a rural environment?” “Will these young physicians choose to work in a rural environment after graduation?” More than a dozen years ago, KSB Hospital and the University of Illinois College of Medicine-Rockford (UICOM-R) answered both of these questions with a tentative “Yes.” The resulting collaboration gave birth to the Dixon Rural Training Track in Family Medicine (Dixon RTT). In the intervening years, sixteen freshly-minted family physicians have moved successfully from the Dixon RTT into the workforce as board-certified family medicine physicians with a U of I residency certificate. This … Read More

Electronic Medical Records: Going from a Model T to a Lexus – by KSB Hospital Chief Medical Officer Tim Appenheimer, M.D.

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My first practice as a fledgling physician in 1981 was in Oregon, Illinois. As I was moving into my new office, the elderly physician whose practice I was inheriting asked if I would like to have the records of his patients for the previous 40 years. Of course, I said.  Within 10 minutes, he reappeared at my office door with a large recipe box full of 3 x 5 notecards. “Here you go,” he said. And that was it! His practice records for 40 years, kept in a recipe box. Most physicians today dream of returning to that level of … Read More

What does “Just Culture” mean?

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You’ve heard and seen the term “Just Culture” quite a bit in the past few months. We included it in our Strategic Plan, we’ve discussed it at meetings, and it’s on your screensavers. I invited Dr. Appenheimer to share some comments on what it means for our team. – Dave Tim Appenheimer, MD, VP/Chief Medical Officer Over the next several months you will hear more and more about the concept of a “just culture” at KSB. What does “just culture” mean? In this case, the word “just” means fair. This is important: traditionally, in the workplace in the United States, … Read More

Quality School Is In Session

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I asked Dr. Tim Appenheimer to share some information on recent Quality School education efforts. – Dave Dr. Tim Appenheimer, VP/Chief Medical OfficerValue stream mapping—plan-do-study-act—“just culture”—patient-centered care—evidence-based care—standardized order sets—“lean” thinking—root-cause analysis—crew resource management—“stop the line”—“swiss-cheese” model—high-reliability organizations… Around the country, healthcare organizations use these tool and concepts to increase the safety of the care given to their patients. High-quality healthcare organizations embed these concepts in their day-to-day work, trying to make certain that their patients receive the full benefit of current healthcare science. Value-based purchasing—pay-for-performance—Hospital Compare—quality report cards—Healthgrades—Leapfrog… These buzzwords are weaving themselves into the fabric of the healthcare … Read More

KSB Hospice to Close; Ogle County Hospice to Expand Service Area

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I invited Dr. Appenheimer to share some news with you, the KSB employee community, before it becomes available to the public. Good communication is important throughout the organization, and that means we’ll make every effort that when we have news, you hear it first. – Dave  Ogle County Hospice, 421 West Pines Road, Oregon Dr. Tim Appenheimer, VP/Chief Medical Officer Ensuring the long-term vigor of our local health care resources… Giving today’s patients access to the best possible facilities and services… Supporting and collaborating with other regional not-for-profit healthcare providers…    These are principles that guide some of the difficult … Read More

Buildings and Ideas Sometimes Need Remodeling

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Our newest Vice President, Dr. Tim Appenheimer, wrote about organizational changes.  Both buildings and ideas need remodeling from time to time. – Dave Dr. Tim Appenheimer, VP/Chief Medical Officer Like many community hospitals, KSB’s physical plant has evolved over time. Since the original building went into service in 1897, major additions came in 1928, 1941, 1960, 1970, 1988, 1992 and 2010-11. Smaller modifications and reconfiguring have occurred constantly. The KSB building we currently use is the culmination of these decades of additions and remodeling. Many of us have seen Judy Dixon’s 1997 centennial painting of modern day KSB with a … Read More

Introducing… the KSB Hospitalist Program

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I invited Dr. Tim Appenheimer to explain the Hospitalist program which launches next Monday.  With this new program, our goal is to efficiently use physician and staff time in order to improve patient care and satisfaction. – Dave You have almost certainly heard reports that KSB is preparing to implement a hospitalist program. You probably have a general idea what this means, but I would like to give you specifics regarding how a hospitalist program will look here at KSB. The first stage of the KSB Hospitalist program will become real on Monday, October 4. On this date, two physicians–Dr. … Read More