KSB Mission Trip – Day 4- by Board Chairman Doug Lee

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If one word were to sum up Day 4 of the KSB Mission Trip, it would be “generosity.” From the moment we arrived in Ccatca, we knew we were in for a busy day. Scores of patients were waiting for us, and we had been warned most spoke Quechua, not the Spanish we became accustomed to the day before. Undaunted, the KSB professionals, assisted by four translators, sprang into action. With unparalleled generosity, the team treated over 230 patients in six-plus hours, breaking only for the time it took to wolf down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The team’s … Read More

KSB Mission Trip – Day One – A View From the Chairman

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KSB Hospital Board Chairman Doug Lee presents his take on the mission trip. When I discuss KSB’s medical mission trip with friends, I usually get two questions. First, they wonder why KSB is making such a trip. Second, they wonder what the heck I’m going do when I get there. Both questions are good ones. Different people, I suppose, would answer the “why” differently. To me, the “why” is for KSB to do its part as a global citizen. As it became clear to me that KSB could survive and thrive as an independent hospital, it occurred to me that independent … Read More

KSB Mission Trip – Rare Air

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Dixon sits alongside the Rock River at an altitude of 712 feet.  Cusco, Peru is located in the Peruvian Andes at an altitude of 11,152 feet.  For comparison purposes, Denver is located at 5,280 feet. To avoid losing the first few days to altitude sickness, our team is prophylactically starting acetazolamide on Friday. Symptoms of mild altitude sickness are compared to a hangover.  Severe cases can include death. That makes the idea of taking medicine seem pretty good. When asked about side effects of the medication Dr. Herbert, our team pharmacist replied: “You don’t want to know”. The KSB Mission … Read More