Driving Away The Flu

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Linda Clemen, Chief Nursing Office to me: I want to do a drive by flu shot clinic. Me: OK. That was the conversation that launched a program that served 673 patients over four Wednesday’s in October, right at the front entrance of KSB Hospital. The KSB Nursing Division took this project on and made it their own, often with volunteer hours dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve. Pictured are Jerry and Venessa Schnake of Dixon.  They were the lucky 500th vaccination and received a gift certificate to Lori’s Gift, a retail store inside KSB Hospital. I … Read More

Accepting The Award Is… Partnering To Improve Mental Health

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It is said that when a football team wins the quarterback gets too much credit, and when they lose the QB gets too much blame.  The same might be said for hospital CEO’s. A few weeks ago KSB Hospital was recognized by Sinnissippi Centers, a community mental health provider, as their Partner of the Year. Mental health touches a significant percentage of any community’s citizens.  I am extremely proud of the work KSB Hospital and our clinical team, led by Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen, has done in improving the diagnosis and treatment of those impacted. All I did was … Read More

Care You Need, When You Want It. KSB Increases Access to Patients through Extended Hours and Additional Weekend Appointments.

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Care You Need, When You Want It. KSB Increases Access to Patients through Extended Hours and Additional Weekend Appointments.   KSB Hospital knows that giving an outstanding patient experience requires providing more than just world-class clinical care. Not only do we want our patients to receive high quality care, but it’s important patients be seen when they want it, and need it. That’s why KSB Hospital has been working to expand clinic operation hours to entice new patients and make it more convenient for current patients to get an appointment. “It’s tough when you work full time Monday through Friday,” said … Read More

KSB After Dark, by Nursing Coordinator Jill Scheffler

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At KSB Hospital, like many health care settings, having staffed to work the night shift is crucial to maintaining quality patient care. While working the night shift may not appeal to all nurses; some thoroughly enjoy the setting. According to Navigate Nursing, 30 percent of nurses work the night shift and choose it for greater personal flexibility or higher pay compared to daytime jobs. Nurses claim calmer floors, increased patient-oriented care, and the opportunity to practice more autonomously as reasons for choosing to work overnight. Have you ever wondered what happens on the night shift at KSB Hospital? Do you … Read More

Improving Patient Access – by KSB Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen

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Access is a key part of the KSB strategic plan. In any setting, access is critical to keeping our community healthy, and happy. If you have ever moved to a new community and found yourself in need of establishing with a new health system, you know just how important access is. It could be for that terrible cold you caught, your kids’ school physical, or just a routine checkup – but each of these situations holds some sense of urgency, and this means a need for better access. KSB began its journey to increase access last December when Katherine, our … Read More

Q&A: Linda Clemen Answers Your Questions

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Q: What is going on with the Cath lab? Why don’t we have coverage when Drs. Hanif and ElBzour areon call. It is frustrating to have coverage when you leave in the morning only to find out at 1900 there is no cath lab. (Kathy Keller) A: There is now 24/7 coverage for the Lab whenever Elbzour or Hanif are on call. If it is Iyer’s week to be on call there is no Stemi coverage after hours as an “Interventional Cardiologist” is not on call. It is no longer an issue of not having “staff” to cover, just the … Read More

Why Health IT Matters

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If you’ve noticed an extra good mood among the IS staff this week, it may be because we’re celebrating National Health Information Technology Week here at KSB Hospital. The Information Systems, Clinical Information Systems, and Communications teams had some fun and put on a few contests this week as a part of Health IT week.  With the ongoing challenges of maintaining mission-critical computer systems and implementing modern healthcare software systems, the IS, CIS, and Communications crews certainly deserves some recognition and thanks! Dave Ginn invited a few people to share their thoughts on why Health IT matters in our mission and … Read More

Focus On Results

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 Linda Clemen leads a session at LDI Your Leadership Team spent Friday at the Comfort Inn in Dixon for 2012’s first Leader Development Institute.  The theme for the training was “Focus on Results”. Linda Clemen presented information on Value Stream Mapping.  The Accountability Team, led by Suzanne Ravlin, presented ways that leaders are held accountable (watch for the video to be released soon!).  I shared some thoughts around the Daily Huddle.  Deb Didier provided information on analyzing budget variances and Dave Ginn closed out the day with thoughts on encrypting personal health information and an upcoming “No Email Tuesday (stay … Read More

Q&A: Linda Clemen, CNO

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Linda Clemen and the nursing division directors compiled answers to your questions in another edition of Employee Meeting Q&A. Check out their responses below. – Dave Would you ever consider opening Peds for employees kids that are sick so they can come to work? Several years ago Pediatrics provided a service called Kid Kare for employees and the community which allowed parents to bring sick children to be cared for by the nurses in the unit. We encountered several issues, including sick children who were frightened to leave their parents, difficulty managing time with both patients and employees’ children on … Read More

Linda Clemen Published in Journal of Trauma Nursing

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As we welcome our new Chief Nursing Officer Linda Clemen to the KSB family, I wanted to share this article she co-authored that was recently published in the Journal of Trauma Nursing. We’re happy to welcome such an experienced professional to our team! – Dave Click here to read the article.