Budget Revisions Coming

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Last Friday, the leadership team was challenged to revise their departmental budgets for the second half of the year. As a part of new developments, KSB Hospital is poised to receive considerably less payment for services beginning soon. First, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois has indicated that they intend to renegotiate the contract they have with us. According to the terms of the agreement, they can give ninety days notice to end the current contract and renegotiate a new one. Several hospitals across the state have recently renegotiated contracts, so we have some idea of what to expect.  Second, the … Read More

What is Leadership?

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What is leadership? It can mean different things to different people. Below are some thoughts Mike Sarno (Physical Therapy) saw in a class he’s taking and shared with us here on The Pulse. – Dave Leadership is the willingness to put one’s self at risk.Leadership is the passion to make a difference for othersLeadership is being dissatisfied with the current realityLeadership is taking responsibility while others are making excusesLeadership is seeing the possibilities in a situation while others are seeing the limitationsLeadership is the readiness to stand out in the crowdLeadership is an open mind and an open heartLeadership is … Read More

Focus On Results

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 Linda Clemen leads a session at LDI Your Leadership Team spent Friday at the Comfort Inn in Dixon for 2012’s first Leader Development Institute.  The theme for the training was “Focus on Results”. Linda Clemen presented information on Value Stream Mapping.  The Accountability Team, led by Suzanne Ravlin, presented ways that leaders are held accountable (watch for the video to be released soon!).  I shared some thoughts around the Daily Huddle.  Deb Didier provided information on analyzing budget variances and Dave Ginn closed out the day with thoughts on encrypting personal health information and an upcoming “No Email Tuesday (stay … Read More

UPDATED: Let’s Talk

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“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you around in a while.” I seem to be getting that question more often lately. In spite of being “there” a high number of hours per week, I’m not “there” where our most important people–our patients and you, the KSB staff–need me to be. I consider myself a servant leader. It’s my job to clear the path for you to provide world-class care and win every patient encounter. I recently put a great deal of energy and effort into a project. I was truly proud of the result. I thought (and still do) … Read More

Share a Story: Here for the Holidays

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First of all, let me wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! KSB Hospital had a good year in patient satisfaction scores, quality of care, employee surveys, and organizational finances. You made the good performance possible, and you deserve a big thank you. Another group of you deserve a special thank you: the folks who will work on Christmas and New Years. The nature of our work is that it’s a round-the-clock effort. I know we’d all like to be home with our family for the holidays, but the need for caring and compassionate staff … Read More

Teamwork Enables Smooth Transition

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Carol Gugerty wanted to share this special thank you with everyone who has played a role in the Surgery/ED addition and Open House. Your positive attitude and teamwork did not go unnoticed! – Dave  Carol Gugerty, VP/Chief Nursing Officer I would like to recognize and thank all of the nursing staff who were involved in the opening of our new patient care areas. After the exciting Sunday Open House we got down to the task of actually offering these services to our patients. The new area meant a change in the routine we were most comfortable with from registration to … Read More

Hosting a Community Forum

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You may have seen the signs or noticed a tour group walking around the hospital early this morning. The Administrative Team hosted a Community Forum in which local leaders joined us for a 7 a.m. breakfast and discussion of how KSB Hospital can best meet the needs of our community. We were fortunate to hear from government officials, leaders of not-for-profits, business owners, and educators about what KSB Hospital can do to be the best place for patients to receive care and how we can contribute to building strong cities and towns. They shared a great deal of information with … Read More

“We walk because we can!”

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Julie Mann shared this excerpt from an American Lung Association email. Our own “KSB Asthmanauts” are featured for their dedication to improving the lives of those with lung disease. Way to go Asthmanauts! – Dave The KSB Asthmanauts are from the Respiratory Therapy Department at KSB Hospital. This group of Walkers knows how important it is to fight for a better quality of life for those who suffer from lung disease. They are able to see how these diseases affect their patients and their loved ones. Many team members are also affected by lung disease in their personal lives. “We … Read More

Teamwork Shines During Power Outage

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After this morning’s quick and wild thunderstorm, much of downtown Dixon–including KSB Hospital, Commerce Towers, and Town Square Centre–lost electricity for almost four hours.  Of course the critical systems in the hospital have emergency generator backups that allow for normal functioning in places like surgery and the ICU. But many offices and departments were met with darkness, no air conditioning, and computer and equipment outages.  And as many employees noted, one other critical system was also down: the coffee makers. We didn’t have much of an idea how long we’d be without power, so we mobilized several groups of people … Read More

Relay for Life Raises $82,000 to Battle Cancer

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I invited Julie Mann to share a story of how KSB Hospital and our employee family participated in a community fundraiser. Julie was the team captain for the “Keeping Special Birthdays” team, one of two KSB affiliated teams. Thanks to all who participated and all who donated! – Dave Julie Mann, VP/Administrative Services Many KSB employees, friends and family turned out for a successful Relay for Life event Friday night, which raised more than $82,000 to help researchers find a cure for cancer.  Due to the threatening weather the event was held indoors at the Dixon High School gym. However … Read More