Patricia Tamez – YOU are What's Right at KSB!

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Here’s a tale of outstanding professionalism for your enjoyment. Hi Dave, I wanted to share a great customer service experience I had recently with an ED visit.  I was in a few weeks ago with my daughter during the wee hours. We needed labs drawn, and an IV, and she was very nervous about that. Never had an IV before, and was scared. Rachel was her nurse, and she did great. It was a busy night, but I never felt like anyone was rushed. The star of the night to me was Patricia Tamez from Lab. By the time we … Read More

Dr. Arora & Hayden: Making Things Great!

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Mary Mahan-Deatherage received the following note from a patient of Dr. Arora’s: Hello, My name is (name removed) and my daughter Hayden (2yrs old) is a patient of Dr. Arora’s. Hayden had tubes put in her ears at KSB Hospital in April of 2009 and will return at the end of July 2010 for new tubes and to have her tonsils removed. I wanted to thank the hospital as well as Dr. Arora and staff for everything they have done for our family. I have received nothing but excellent service. I have been treated like a person and asked continuously … Read More

Medical Imaging Works Together to Benefit Our Patients

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Maggie Young sent me the following note:  Hi Dave, Roy Tylkowski and Sandra Harshman are our second shift X-ray/CT technologists. I see them quite often when called in. These two never hesitate to help and are always cheerful. For example, I came in to do a V/Q scan that Roy attempted to do a CT PE study on. This patient was in extreme pain and nothing we did could comfort her. When Roy came in to help me her attitude changed. He was absolutely wonderful! His patient skills were awesome! I had never seen him around a patient, and was … Read More

Dr. Imler and Staff Receive Patient Accolades

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Here’s a note recently received by Dr. Michael Imler: Dear Dr. Imler: I wish to comment on my recent eye surgeries. You call it cataract surgery, I call it a miracle You and your staff were friendly, courteous, and certainly professional. I hope you will pass my comments on to your employees. Thank you Dr. Imler. Congratulations to Dr. Imler and his Staff on a job well done!

Helping Those In Need – Congratulations to the ED Staff

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I received this note from Anne Noble describing a heart-warming series of events that took place in KSB’s Emergency Department.  You won’t find this on any satisfaction surveys or quality reports, but actions like these are what separates KSB from other providers. Dave, The Rewards and Recognition Committee recently reviewed Star Cards that had been given during the month of May. We were particularly impressed with information that was written on Star Cards for 6 Staff Members and thought it may be something you would like to highlight on the OC under “What’s Right at KSB.” Kathy Keller wrote on … Read More

Carol Gugerty Applauds 2nd & 3rd Shift Staff

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I heard Carol tell the following story at our Patient Satisfaction bi-weekly meeting and just had to pass it along. Congratulations to everyone involved!      -Dave Over the past few days I have had the privilege of working with both the evening and night shift. It was an impressive experience. It is obvious that all units are staffed with experts. Everyone is knowledgeable and professional. An unexpected patient care issue occurred on both shifts. Everyone involved jumped right in knowing their roles and doing their work in a most professional manner. The outcome in both situations was positive with patients … Read More

Carrie Cassens Makes A Positive Impact

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Good morning Carrie, Just thought I would take a minute to let you know what a positive impact you made on one of our phase 3 patients with your recent lunch and learn.  Jim told me today that after listening to you, he made some dietary changes.  Within 2 weeks his blood pressure has dropped significantly and he is feeling better.  He is very encouraged and plans on keeping up the changes. “I just followed what she said.” Once again thank you for your work on that lunch and learn.  Your work certainly made a difference in our patients!   Sincerely, … Read More

Hospice Praised for Compassionate Service

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TO: KSB Hospice   Dear Friends: I am the daughter of (name withheld for confidentiality). We had the privilege of meeting with several individuals from your organization over the past week. My brother, John, and I were in the ER in Dixon with Mom on Thursday morning, March 25th when Dr. Powers told us we needed to consider Hospice and that there was just no longer any hope for overcoming her health issues. We called Hospice on Saturday the 27th. Our meeting with them was scheduled for Monday the 29th but Mom slipped so quickly that they came to our … Read More