Hospice Praised for Compassionate Service

TO: KSB Hospice
Dear Friends:

I am the daughter of (name withheld for confidentiality). We had the privilege of meeting with several individuals from your organization over the past week.

My brother, John, and I were in the ER in Dixon with Mom on Thursday morning, March 25th when Dr. Powers told us we needed to consider Hospice and that there was just no longer any hope for overcoming her health issues.

We called Hospice on Saturday the 27th. Our meeting with them was scheduled for Monday the 29th but Mom slipped so quickly that they came to our aid, instead, on Saturday night. Our first angel was Vicki Jones. She was wonderful! She brought us such comfort at a time when we were terrified. She was with us until after midnight. Now maybe you don’t see this as “going above and beyond” but to us, in our time of need, it was nothing less than a miracle we so badly needed.

My brother and I were by her side each minute of each day as she quickly slipped away from us. In addition to Vicki, other Hospice Angels came to our aid: Hillary and Mary Kay on Monday. They bathed her and comforted her and so many others who sat so patiently with us during those last few days. They soothed her with her favorite lotion, Japanese Cherry Blossom. Her entire house was such a heavenly fragrance and that has continued to linger there since her passing. I will always remember that scent. They all continued to assure us that Mom was comfortable and at peace.

On Tuesday morning she peacefully passed away. Yet another angel, Cindy, along with Mary Kay, were by our side in no time at all and took care of so, so much. Again, this is probably “just what you do” but it was so very heartwarming and comforting to us.

On Wednesday there was a note slipped in the door from Vicki just to let us know that she was thinking of us. On Friday, April 2nd we buried Mom and Mary Kay showed up at the visitation to offer her support. The flowers sent by our group were beautiful.

The only regret I have is that my mom did not have the chance to know each of you. She would have so loved you all. Thank you for the comfort you brought to our family and especially the compassion you showed to her. You will always be special to us.

God Bless You!

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