Carol Gugerty Applauds 2nd & 3rd Shift Staff

I heard Carol tell the following story at our Patient Satisfaction bi-weekly meeting and just had to pass it along. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Over the past few days I have had the privilege of working with both the evening and night shift. It was an impressive experience. It is obvious that all units are staffed with experts. Everyone is knowledgeable and professional.

An unexpected patient care issue occurred on both shifts. Everyone involved jumped right in knowing their roles and doing their work in a most professional manner. The outcome in both situations was positive with patients and families being taken care of safely and in a calm atmosphere. Nursing, support staff, and physicians came together to work for the same outcome.

What I witnessed was an outstanding example of real team work. I saw our employees in action and what a difference they make for the community. Knowledge, positive attitudes, and respect for each other are what make KSB special. Thanks everyone for all you do.

– Carol

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