Quantity vs. Quality and Volume vs. Value

Just this morning I read a quote on the topic of health reform from Maryjane Wurth, President of the Illinois Hospital Association.

Mrs. Wurth commented “Incentives are moving from quantity to quality and from volume to value.”

Quantity to Quality. In days past (OK, maybe its years past!) we were paid on a piecemeal basis. The more work we did the more we got paid. Eat what you kill. That compensation method does not necessarily apply today. KSB’s largest payor source is the government, including both federal and state. Mandated levels of quality in specific disease categories are required for full reimbursement. Quality has surpassed Quantity.

Volume to Value. Your Administrative Team spends a significant amount of energy and effort studying our market share and volume statistics. Are the residents of the communities we serve making KSB the provider of choice for health services? The turnstiles need to spin at a certain speed to feed the economic engine of our organization.

Keeping volume in mind, our patients are becoming better consumers. Healthgrades, Leapfrog, Hospital Compare… these websites are all at your fingertips and ready to overwhelm you with information about how we measure up to the other 4,700 hospitals in the United States. Do we do the right thing to the right patient at the right time? The vast majority of the time we do. There is always room for improvement, but the work you are doing is right up there with the best anywhere.

Darryl has been preaching the gospel of quality care in a patient/family-friendly environment for years. Each physician hired into the KSB Medical Group hears that we want them to spend time with their patients and build personal relationships. Our team members leave a patient’s room by asking “Is there anything else I can do for you. I have the time.”

Your leadership team has emphasized expense control more seriously over the last few months. We do realize the importance of controlling costs and providing Quality and Value.

Here’s the best part of the story.

Quality and Value are not mutually exclusive. That combination is What’s Right at KSB.


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