Helping Those In Need – Congratulations to the ED Staff

I received this note from Anne Noble describing a heart-warming series of events that took place in KSB’s Emergency Department.  You won’t find this on any satisfaction surveys or quality reports, but actions like these are what separates KSB from other providers.

The Rewards and Recognition Committee recently reviewed Star Cards that had been given during the month of May. We were particularly impressed with information that was written on Star Cards for 6 Staff Members and thought it may be something you would like to highlight on the OC under “What’s Right at KSB.”

Kathy Keller wrote on each Star Card: On April 27th, a mom presented to the ED with her darling little daughter for a medical exam. The outcome of testing was devastating news to the mom, who had shared with staff that she had just lost her job and was also in the process of becoming divorced. Arrangements were made to transfer the child to Children’s in Chicago for further evaluation & possible treatment. The mom commented she did not have enough gas in her car to drive to Chicago & had no money. She was contacting family members for any help. Staff began talking about what she would do for funds when she got to Children’s. The ED nursing staff, Dr. Ortman and Sandra from X-ray checked the cash on hand, went to the ATM and in about 15 minutes was able to give the mom $150 to help her survive at Children’s the first few days until family and friends could rally for them.

Star Cards were given to Dr. Ortman, Carly Lindenmeyer, Scott Hickey, Allison Montgomery, Louella Blackburn, Sandra Harshman

Anne Noble, PHR
Assistant Director, Human Resources
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