Discharge Phone Calls Positively Impact KSB Patients

Each month a sub-group of Leadership meets to review Arbor Satisfaction scores. Each department that is surveyed is projected on the wall and the numbers are discussed. We talk about best practices and what is working to increase our patients’ experience.

This week we discussed Discharge Phone Calls. Martha Dailey was making calls when she spoke with a patient that “didn’t sound right”. Through specific questions and positive encouragement this patient made a visit to her family physician and ended up as a direct admit that day to our Intensive Care Unit.
Discharge Phone Calls save lives.

Carol Gugerty spoke with a patient that was confused about her medicines to take after leaving the hospital. While on the phone Carol was able to review the proper medications and talk her through the confusion.
Discharge Phone Calls improve patient safety.

The group discussed service recovery opportunities discovered through discharge phone calls. If we failed to exceed a patients expectations the case can be forwarded to Guaranteed Services and we have the chance to turn a negative into a positive.
Discharge Phone Calls result in improved patient satisfaction.

Congratulations to Med/Surg, OB/Peds, Outpatient Surgery, ICU and the Emergency Department. Keep up the great work!

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