Home Depot and KSB: The Art of Listening

This morning I was reading some stock information on consumer retail giant Home Depot. The article centered on this company’s shift from the art of retail to the science of retail. The technological investments the company is making are expected to positively impact profits in future years.
What does this have to do with KSB? Good question… stick with me on this one.
Home Depot is putting a strong focus on its online presence. “Social networking “, such as its online gardening community, have thousands of participants that keep coming back to the site to exchange ideas with peers that share a common interest. Home Depot draws from these online chat rooms to modify the type of seed and plant inventory in a particular store based on customer requests and online discussions.
They listen to their customer and change their offerings based on what they hear. The concept has worked for centuries… the way feedback is collected is simply changing.
That is exactly what I’m hoping to have happen with The Pulse. Administration posts information in a timely manner and you, the employee (our customer) reacts.
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– Dave
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