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Somehow you found your way here, and I’m glad you did. Welcome to The KSB Pulse. Today signifies day one of an employee-centered blog highlighting all the great things about the people of KSB.

I’ll use this space to share stories about What’s Right at KSB. You have some work to do as well. In the right tab is a link to my email. You can also click the comment link found at the bottom of each story. I hope you will take the time to share great stories and, most importantly, your thoughts and ideas on what we can do to make KSB the best place for patients to receive care, for physicians to practice medicine, and for employees to work.

I make no promise to publish all the ideas and stories, but I do promise to follow through with the appropriate administrative staff member and research your improvement suggestions.

At launch I’m pleased to share a story from Julie Mann. I’ve also included the most recently shared “What’s Right at KSB” letters and stories, and some information on discharge phone calls, a patient communication tool that has shown great success.

I hope you come back often.

– Dave
  • Anonymous
    Posted at 09:06h, 29 August Reply

    Dear Dave,
    It is not often we find ourselves in the position of the patient, when we work for a hospital. On rare occasions when this happens it is an extremely humbling experience. I had this happen to me recently while on the job and was extremely grateful for the wonderful staff that is here.
    I was sent to the ER with chest pains and nausea. I was scared and the house super Sharon Ditzler was able to access that I needed to go to the ER very quickly talking to me on the phone.
    I was met by the ER clerk,Tracy with paper work ready.. who had the door open and ready for me to enter and the RN Karli ready to take me to an open bed.
    I was immediately attended to by a very warm and gracious Dr. Pultorak. The doctor took her time in explaining everything that was happening to me and why. I felt extremely informed and grateful. Karli the RN was quickly able to insert a needle in my arm for a dye test with no trouble as I was shaking profusely.
    My family was called and everyone was very gracious to them as well.
    I was given an x-ray and taken immediately for a Cat Scan by Lacy Renner who had to come in very late at night and she was pleasant and kind as well. I had an EKG done several times by a terrific tech named Laura. There were others I am forgetting I am sure who covered me gently with warm blankets and went out of their way to be curteous. Tracy the ER clerk let my family know that my position was covered where I had to leave in the middle of the night so that I would not worry about that. This was an extra special thing for her to do. This was all done after midnight on a Friday night. I was just another patient to them and I was never so proud to work for KSB as I was that night.
    I had Karli the RN speak with my sister about prayer as we were so nervous and I realized God chooses sometimes ordinary work nights to do extraordinary feats because these are not people who try to steal God's Glory, they enhance it because they know He works through them….I thank all those people for doing God's work so generously one typical night! KSB rocks! We are lucky to have such a wonderful hospital!

  • Haley
    Posted at 16:39h, 01 October Reply

    This hospital is the best.. GREAT doctors and staff… A Big Thank you for two outstanding doctors. Doctor Stone and Doctor Yeager. they both have great knowledge of what they do and willing to help when they are asked. If it wasn’t for those two taking care of me I would be one sorry person. Thanks bunches Doctors and Keep up the good work. you are worth the weight in gold plus more

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