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Here’s a tale of outstanding professionalism for your enjoyment.

Hi Dave,

I wanted to share a great customer service experience I had recently with an ED visit. 

I was in a few weeks ago with my daughter during the wee hours. We needed labs drawn, and an IV, and she was very nervous about that. Never had an IV before, and was scared. Rachel was her nurse, and she did great. It was a busy night, but I never felt like anyone was rushed.

The star of the night to me was Patricia Tamez from Lab. By the time we got to the labs, Katie was fairly over the top with worry, and like her mother, probably not the best patient. Patricia had no idea I was an employee here, and even if she did, it shouldn’t matter, but she was absolutely amazing with Katie. Amazing. She explained the steps involved after drawing the labs to get to the results, what happens during the process, etc… She truly gave the perception that she absolutely loves what she does, and gave us the best customer service I could have wished for. Because of her kindness and passion, Katie is now checking into programs for Clinical Lab Scientist – which I hope she follows through on 🙂

Linda Mickelson, BSRT (R)(MR)(CT)

Thank you Linda for sending this to me, and congratulations Patricia!
– Dave
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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:22h, 27 August Reply

    Way to go, Patricia. Hopefully, you've provided the inspiration for another individual to go after the education and training so that she can provide the same kind of care she received from you!

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