Peer Interview Program – What Do You Think?

We’ve been using the peer interview program for nearly two years.  Every month I survey new employees during orientation to gain their perspective on the process.

As I see it there are four distinct groups affected by the peer interview program.

  1. The candidate
  2. The KSB employees on the peer interview team
  3. KSB employees that work with the new team member
  4. The Director that gains feedback into making the employment decision

All of us are a member of one or more of these groups.  How do you see the effectiveness of the peer interview program?  Use the comment button below to tell me what you think.

– Dave
  • Lisa Blackburn
    Posted at 15:50h, 26 August Reply

    I have been able to witness the learning curve that occurs when someone is initially trained to participate in the Peer Interview and then hear their feedback after they have had the opportunity to conduct the interviews. The progress that is made from the initial nervousness about the process to the confidence that is gained after conducting a few Peer Interviews is commendable. I congratulate each employee for the commitment they have made to participate in this worthwhile tool for KSB.

    I have had the opportunity to hear the comments about the effectiveness of the Peer Interview program from the potential candidates, the participants on the team and from the department Directors. The positive comments that I have heard are;

    • Potential candidates like hearing more about the specifics of the position and the department from their potential co-workers. Also the first day jitters, in the department, are reduced because they will know a few of their co-workers.
    • The Peer Interview team enjoys participating in the process, but has also realized how difficult it may sometimes be to select a candidate. The team engages in a thorough discussion with their department Director about how the candidate may or may not be a fit for the department and/or organization. This has proved to be a healthy discussion to continue to match candidates to KSB’s culture.
    • The department Directors appreciate having other employees within their department to share the discussion about potential candidates to select the right hire for the organization.

    Like Dave, I am also curious to hear from those who have been involved in any facet of the Peer Interview process. We know it has been a good program, but we can only make it better through a discussion of what value we have gained from the implementation of the Peer Interview program.

  • Lisa Hardcastle
    Posted at 19:14h, 03 September Reply

    As a Director I am thrilled that KSB has adopted peer interviewing. As I explain to the candidates who apply for positions, the peer interview allows the candidate to get a real flavor of what the department feels like. If an individual only interviews with the Director, they are only allowed to see one perspective.

    For the KSB employee who participates in peer interviewing, it allows them to participate in choosing who their coworker will be. This has been very positive in our department. They have seen traits in candidates that I perhaps did not see in the same way. It really opens up a dialogue.

    For KSB as an organization, it is a win-win-win situation. The employee is empowered in the choice of their co-worker, the candidate is able to get a clearer picture of the department and organization, and KSB recruits the best candidates!

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