Welcome to Dr. Anand Patel, General Surgeon

I invited Kevin to share some good news from the KSB Medical Group.  Physician recruiting is a long and competitive process, and we’re pleased to add a great physician to our team.
– Dave
Kevin Marx (VP, KSB Medical Group)
KSB Hospital, along with the community that we serve, have been extremely fortunate for the long tenure of the General Surgeons on our Medical Staff. Drs. Deets, Strom, and Powers have spent their entire professional lives with us, and individually built solid clinical reputations. It is impressive to consider the number of patients that each of these physicians has encountered over their years at KSB. Even Dr. Khawaja, a relative newcomer to KSB, has now been here for three years and developed a busy practice.

While we wish that we could rely on this stability forever, eventual turn over is inevitable. Dr. Deets has made the move to Occupational Medicine and others, no doubt, are planning the next phase of their lives. To that end, the Hospital laid the ground work for attracting another surgeon to KSB almost a year ago. It was important to find a physician with top notch clinical skills, and preferably, a specific capability or interest that compliments rather than duplicates services being rendered by the existing physicians.

After telephone discussions with numerous physicians, and several on-site interviews, Dr. Anand Patel has accepted our offer to join the KSB Medical Group. Dr. Patel is an in-practice physician currently working in Chicago. He is Boarded in General Surgery and comes to us with additional training in advanced surgical laparoscopy. He is also a professional colleague of Dr. Khawaja’s having been in training together, and sharing many patients.

Since we have had such stability in this specialty, it is likely that Dr. Patel will come to KSB with some “new and different” techniques with which to treat patients. We look forward to learning from him and working to add his name to the short list of surgeons who have practiced at KSB for a very long time.

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