Where Did All The Suits Go?

Did it seem a bit quiet around here last Friday? It might have… all Directors and VP’s went off site to the Quality Inn for a Leader Development Institute (LDI).

Topics discussed included progress towards 2010 organizational goals, the new phone system, the 2011 budget, a panel of community business owners discussing customer service, and setting goals for 2011.

Attached is a photo of Mama Cimino’s owner Jim Gallantine and Trein’s Jewelry Owner Linda Brantley.

Management spent the afternoon on three topics: What can all 1,000+ KSB employees do to make KSB:

  1. The Best Place for Patients to Receive Care;
  2. The Best Place for Physicians to Practice Medicine’
  3. The Best Place for Employees to Work.

We came up with some ideas, but here’s where you come in. Hit the comment button and tell me what specific ideas you have along with the category you are commenting on. Feel free to comment on all three topics.

I want your feedback. We get better faster by taking advantage of everyone’s suggestions.

– Dave
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