“We have been so blessed…”

I received this letter from Connie Leffelman and had to share it with you all.  It’s stories like this that help remind us how big of an impact we can have on people’s lives.
– Dave 
My name is Connie Leffelman, and I am an employee of KSB Hospital. I want to express my appreciation to 3 wonderful doctors and my experience with them. My first daughter,  Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on February 27, 2010. The kindness and compassion we received from Dr. Rydzinski, Jen Gutshall, and Dr. Welty will never go unnoticed. Emily had a few difficulties in her pregnancy and Dr. Robb and Jen were there for her from beginning to end. The closeness you feel is words you have a hard time finding. With this being my first grandchild and the excitement, I went with Emily to all of her OB appointments and saw first hand these 2 wonderful doctors, and the care they have for their patients, is nothing I have ever experienced.  When Emily gave birth to Kaylee she then had Dr. Welty as her primary doctor, as he had been for Emily when he delivered her.
During this time I had ongoing medical issues that needed addressed. With the closeness I felt with Dr. Robb and Jen I decided it was time to have it addressed. Once again the kindness and compassion was overwhelming.. Being 49 years old and, never having surgery before, was also a very scary experience for me. But I knew having Dr. Robb doing the surgery and Dr. Welty being there for my health issues everything was going to be fine. Dr. Welty was in several times checking on me which then made me feel so much better.
In the mean time my other daughter Kelsey had moved from Amboy to Arkansas. Before she moved, Kelsey was having some medical problems.  She was taking some medications, but things didn’t seem to be getting any better.  She came back home for a visit and things got worse.  We took her to Prompt Care, a wonderful facility we have at KSB. We went and Dr. L. Tieman saw her. Kelsey explained everything she was experiencing. He then referred her to Barb Tieman and wanted her to be seen within the week, so we went and seen Barb. Once again Kelsey explained everything she had done from the testing and all the labs. We gave Barb all the information in order for her to get all her records faxed here. When we were done talking to Barb, she then informed us she wanted to talk to Dr. Robb. He was on vacation but assured me she would talk to him and get back with Kelsey. As promised she did. Within a few days Kelsey then went and saw Dr. Robb and was scheduled for surgery. She has been pain free since her surgery. So you can see from my story I have had a lot of encounters with these doctors, especially Dr. Robb. We have been so blessed with him in our lives.

We never felt like a number. They always took the time to talk to us and explain everything to us. 2010 has been a special year because I have a beautiful granddaughter but also a tough year with a surgery for my daughter and I. But I also have the utmost respect towards these wonderful doctors that have been there for me and my beautiful daughters and granddaughter.

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