Teamwork At Its Finest

If you got up early enough Wednesday you were able to witness a truly moving event: the opening of KSB’s new Emergency Department (or at least half of it).
People starting rolling in around 2 a.m. They came in two by two. IT, Housekeeping, Administration, Plant Operations, Physicians, Nursing, Medical Imaging…you name it. We were rallying around one cause: to create a strategic, safe transition from the old space to the new.
Special recognition needs to go to Darryl Vandervort. The morning went off without a hitch, largely due to his hands-on planning and supervision.
Mission accomplished. Thanks to everyone who disrupted their normal sleep patterns to participate in this historic event. Working together to better serve our community…that’s what it’s all about.
– Dave
  • Sue Prosch
    Posted at 16:55h, 28 October Reply

    Camaraderie – truly good teamwork, a spirit of friendly, good-fellowship. If you were in the new emergency department in the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 27, this is what you say…camaraderie. Everyone, from every avenue of the hospital, came to help us move into the first half of the new emergency department. There was no task, too big or too small, that didn't get completed. We were very fortunate the department was not full of patients and the ED staff had already started moving the day before. I do not think the endeavor could have gone any better than it did. A big thank you to Darryl Vandervort, he spent the day in the emergency department making sure everyone had the tools they needed to do their job. Also, big thank you to Dr. Gould and Dr. Ortman, and the ED staff (I'd put names but I might miss someone and I don't want to do that). This is your ED – enjoy it – you deserve it. You are a great team to work with – I couldn't ask for better!!!!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 17:13h, 29 October Reply

    I agree with Sue- It was beautiful to see all of the teamwork that was shown in the early morning hour's on Wednesday, October 27 at K.S.B. Hospital's opening of the new E.R. There was alot of hard work put into the planning. Thank you everyone from other department's of the hospital who showed up and helped- it was very much appreciated! The most touching moment was Chaplain Vinnie Marrandino's prayer- very touching Vinnie- Thank you!

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