Kindness makes a difference at KSB

I received this great letter from Jenn Soltow and wanted to share it with you all.  It reminds us that kindness is the thing patients and their families remember more than anything else. Thanks for sharing your story Jenn!
– Dave

On Oct 20th, I brought my son to the ER with a migraine headache, once here Dr. Hayat ordered a CT scan to rule out anything abnormal in the brain, unfortunately the CT scan came back with a possible abnormality, which turned out to be okay. Dr. Hayat was very kind and explained our options. Since MRI was not available, he opted to send us to another hospital. Everyone in the ER was great to us. Natasha was my son’s nurse and she was wonderful. Once we got to the other hospital was where we lost the caring touch that we had a KSB. While I certainly do not want to be negative towards another hospital, the care and compassion we received at KSB certainly was not what we received at the other hospital. It made me proud to work here and confident that our employees truly care about our patients. A HUGE thanks to the ER staff.


Jenn Soltow
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