Looking Forward to the Employee Meetings

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The Annual Employee meetings are beginning on December 8th.  Your Administrative team is working hard to prepare a meaningful, informative event.
Here’s where you come in.  I want you to tell me what you want to know.  Is there something you always wanted to ask but never have?  Are you confused about something going on in the organization, or the direction we are headed?  If you have a question about something it is very likely that others do as well.
Use the Comment button below and send me a question.  Darryl has a Q  & A session during the meetings, and I will provide him with your question.

 The employee meetings are for you.  Help us to make them valuable.


39 Comments on “Looking Forward to the Employee Meetings”

  1. At the Employee Meetings, please again mention the parking that is available for employees. This is especially true to the Elks lot (that was at one time assigned parking but is no longer) the upper and lower deck (the exact rows for employees), the River lot, and any side street parking.

  2. Just curious as to the status of having our paystubs computerized? I thought I had remembered a survey regarding that… whether or not we would be interested. Is this still in the works or not?

  3. Is there any thought to having all employees online with Outlook access? This could be used for memos and other inter/intra departmental communication and cut down on paper use.

  4. Could the cafeteria have some way for employees, at least, to pay "cashlessly" for a meal, say with a badge swipe and a payroll deduction? Or, for the sake of visitors, how about a debit/credit card pay option?

  5. What is the plan in the winter to keep handicap and pregnant women safe while it is snowing and icy? The top lot is like an ice skating rink and the stairs are not any better. The more salt you add the worse they get at times too.

  6. Might be a good idea to review the policy of cell phone usage during working hours. I see many staff members taking and making personal phone calls and text messages while they are in the work environment; I thought cell phones were only to be use during break times.

  7. Our department requires clarification on the over 8 and 80 hour rule: if you you work 10 hours one day and then work 32 hours for the rest of the week, then the following week work 36 hours and take 4 hours of PDL – do you receive 76 hours plus 2 hours of overtime and 4 hours of PDL or is it to be split 76 hours, 2 hours of PDL and the other 2 hours coming from the overime?

  8. Hi, just a suggestion regarding the KSB employee parking situation: instead of the traditional yellow stripes for all of the parking spaces, why not stripe the designated KSB employee parking spaces in a different color? Green would be nice!

  9. This is usually addressed but I am curious as to the forecast for the hospital 1 yr, 5 yr, construction projects and future thoughts on the Doctor recruitment. And well the current legislation propsoals will hinder the forecasts.

  10. What are the stipulations for going from full time status to part-time status within the same department? Do these positions have to be posted for others in the department to also apply for or is this only done on a case by case basis?

  11. I think it is okay to have your cellphone in your pocket as long as it is on a vibrate mode. It is a lifeline for most of the employees specially those who have kids or family that doesnt't live nearby. It gives us a feeling that one can be within easy reach in case something happens at home or at your kids school even if you are working. What is important is that at least you are not answering your phone or texting in front of the patient and most of all it doesn't prevent you from doing your job .

  12. I am concerned about our patients that are not ER patients, but have to register there when 1st floor registration is closed. I have witnessed on a few occassions that outpatients were entering the ER from the basement hallway, and were told they needed to go back and enter from the outside! I am assuming to cut down on traffic through the emergency room. A few of these patients were not in any condition to go back to the main entrance, go outside just to re-enter through the ER doors. Maybe we could utilize the keypad or buzzer that is in place, and these people could be escorted to the er registration?

  13. I wholeheartedly agree with the comment regarding cell phones, which was posted on November 25th. Many of us have family members at varying places at different times of the day or night, and as long as you act responsibly (ie: not allowing it to take precedence over your job performance and never allowing it to interfere with prompt and proper patient care) then I think a silenced phone should be allowed. As far as individuals who misuse them, then they should be singled out and reprimanded accordingly. Why should every employee be subjected to a blanket policy that disallows cell phones altogether, when NOT every employee is guilty of abusing the privelege?

  14. I understand that cell phones are a line for families but if someone truly needed to get a hold of you they should have your work number. Even on vibrate your phone can still be heard and I think that is extremely unprofessional. I was at a KSB clinical office that a nurse had her phone on vibrate and she kept sticking her hand in her pocket to silence it and it was very annoying when she was trying to get our information.

  15. What can we do to get employees to eat their meals in the cafeteria instead of in their departments? I feel it is very important for employees to get away from the work station for at least 30 minutes during their shift. I understand there are some days when it just is not possible – but this isn't the case every day.

  16. I was wondering if KSB could get a specific room (maybe with cubicles with curtains or something of the sort) for breastfeeding mothers. This room could be utilized for visitors that come in and even for employees who need to pump while they are at work.

  17. A number of employees at KSB are Veterans. I recommend that the hospital provide some sort of recognition for Veterans on Veteran's Day. A department-by-department listing in the Connections is a thought. A comment in the Connection to all KSB Veterans from administration is a second thought. A sticker or ribbon using the National Service Medal colors, placed on the employee badge in an around Nov 11th is a third thought. Finally, Veteran's Day off to KSB Veteran's would be a very generous recognition of service to our country!!

  18. I have to agree with Bill Hudson concerning his thoughts about Veteran's Day. As a 6 year Navy veteran, I find it highly ironic that everyone in my family gets the day off except me.


  20. Dave
    I would like to give a suggestion to the cell phone problem. I don't think a lot of employee's realize KSB issues there empoloyees to carry phones because they are in many places, and not always at their primary `workstation. I think it would be easier for employees who carry one to have the ring tone of the KSB slogan "Its The People at KSB." Then employees and patient would know that it is actually a work phone and work related. I think that would help some of those employees that don't realize people do have to have them because of their job and not all are personal phone calls. Again just a suggestion.

  21. Walking from Commerce Towers or TSC eats up a lot of your lunch time, and by the time you get there and order on some days, you are walking back to your office with food in hand, because almost all of your lunch break time is up.

  22. I think the whole issue regarding PDL needs to be addressed. If we cannot call off due to being sick or having a sick child because we have no PDL then what are we to do? We are not getting our questions answered in a satisfactory mannor by managment. If it is coming down to this then it should be changed to sick time, vacation time & personal days.

  23. Could you explain to us why we do not have housekeeping Friday-Saturday from 11p-7a. That is our busiest shift, especially on weekends in the emergency room.
    Also, when housekeeping and/or laboratory calls off, they are not replaced. Why?

  24. Please clarify the parking situation for night shift. We have been told that we are able to park anywhere on nights, but then having parking lot attendants telling us otherwise.

  25. With the recent announcement of CGH's plans to purchase the Sterling/Rock Falls/Dixon Clinic, what will be done with physicians from that group that are part of our physician call rotation (ex: Dr's Gale and Luchici)? Are they going to be apart of CGH once the purchase is complete or have they been offered anything to stay with KSB?

  26. I know there is a lot of construction going on at this point in time, but was wondering if there was ever thought or talk about renovating the cafeteria?? It just seems small and outdated compared to some of the hospitals I have been to recently.

  27. I think it would be very informative at the Employee Meeting to better understand the construction going on. I've looked at the plans and still don't understand. Specifically — what exactly is the hole to China outside my office window (by the ER) going to be for? Think of the increased productivity by our employees if this question were answered! Just this morning, I pondered this very question in the back stairwell with three other employees for several minutes. We all should have been working, but are very curious…

  28. Yes, family can always call at work but it is convenient if they call directly on the cellphone or if one is not available, can leave her/him a text message. Again, one should be a responsible user….nothing more, nothing less.

  29. Is there a place for staff to stay , sleep and change in case of a snow storm when they are unable to go home?

  30. Isn't it just appropriate that whoever does our yearly review should be the person we work with?

  31. In regards to the staff eating in the cafeteria…Their are numerous time when we can barely find the time to take a lunch break. Many times we find ourselves sitting down for ten minutes to eat something. If we are going to be expected to eat in the cafeteria we wont be able even get ten minutes. Also, after we leave the floor we would like to be able to relax and not go into such a busy area. The cafeteria is noisy and crowded. Please let us keep our break rooms!!

  32. And think how much more crowded it would be if everyone was required to eat there! It would be like the day during hospital week when the wonderful free lunch is served to staff. Remember the wait in line going past the elevators?

  33. Is there any thought to remodeling the cafeteria to accomodate handicap individuals better and possibly provide a quiet area for employees?

  34. Do we have to continue getting poinsettias every year? It seems like it is such a waste of money for something that most people dread. A lot of us do not have the space for them, or the time to water them. Couldn't we get like a bow to put on our doors or maybe something else that could be used yearly? It would cut down on cost & we also would not have to take care of them.

  35. Safty issue=regarding parking along Crawford: maybe consider there be no SUVs, vans or pickup trucks going downward towards parking garage-when people pull out from underneath there, one can not see oncoming traffic because of the above mentioned autos, esp when in a car, forcing one to pull out further into traffic to see around them, which may cause a accident esp now with winter driving conditions [snow et ice]- there already has been couple of fender-benders because of not being able to see-I've also came close to being hit by another driver.

  36. Safty issue: How safe are the parking attendents at the entrance of the parking garage [underneath]esp with the snow et ice? Crawford street can be esp slick when coming down the hill towards the garage. With their 'shelter hut'right there, they could get hit by a auto sliding on the snow et ice. Could they be moved further into the garage for their safty. Also their 'shelter hut' where it is now, makes it hard for 2 autos to pass thru the entrance way.

  37. I thought the video was very nice but left out the ksb medical groups! Also parking needs to be reviewed at the clinics. Due to limited areas at TSC and Commerce Towers, employees need to really be patient advocates and please don't park in patient parking! It's the same amount of steps to walk! And we are here for the patients!

  38. I was a bit disappointed when the new doctors of 2010 at KSB were mentioned at the employee meetings, but there was no mention of Dr. Chandra who had started in February.

  39. I have been an employee for several years and have reached the 10 year mark and was recieving 8 plus hours of PDL working full time.Now I am working 56 hours and am only recieving 2 plus hours which doesnt seem like enough for 56 hours. Thank you

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