A Nurse’s Story

The following is a story distributed by The Studer Group and passed along to me by Sandy Thompson.  It’s a great reminder of the impact healthcare providers have on patients’ lives.
– Dave 
A Nurse’s Story… Day 127
Each of our patients has a story to tell. One of our team’s chronic debilitating rheumatoid arthritis patients has an incredible story. She touches all who see her, including me.

Our nursing staff would see this patient each week. Every time we saw her, she was either in her bed or in her electric wheel chair. She suffers from a severe hand deformity, and requires special silverware and plates in order to eat. The first time I heard her get out of bed, I heard bones cracking so loud, I wasn’t sure if she was okay or not.

About six months ago, I saw her when she came in for her regular visit. I was tired and it showed on my weary face. She looked at me as I came into the room and told me that I forgot to open my gift. Confused, I looked at her and asked what she meant. She explained that God gives me the gift of joy every day and today I forgot to take the bow off and open it. My eyes filled with tears as I realized the depth of her words. Before I leave for work each day, I take a moment and try to mentally open my gift.

That lovely lady has continued to slowly debilitate. She can no longer safely get out of bed and move around. One day, I stopped by to see if I could help a fellow nurse as she performed a procedure on the patient. I sat on the side of the bed and held her hand while she talked and vented. She told me that she wished her husband could do the one thing that I was doing at that moment, sitting, holding her hand, and listening. She told me I was not just a nurse, but that my nursing was a ministry.

She was hospitalized just a few days ago, and her husband will no longer be able to care for her in their home. Her biggest concern was whether she would still be able to see her favorite nurses while in her assisted living facility.

Like many others in the middle of my life I have found the job I know I am supposed to be doing. It is reinforced every day that I have the privilege of serving our community.

 – Submitted by Barbara Turnblom, St. Joseph’s Home Health, Orange, CA
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