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Cell phones 
Many questions, comments, and suggestions regarding employee cell phone use were posted to The Pulse.  Darryl addressed this issue during the employee meetings, and further information is available now for your reference.

Above all, employee cell phone use should be governed by common sense.  We all know that ringing cell phones, personal conversations, text-messaging or game-playing on a cell phone is distracting to patients, visitors, and fellow employees.  We also know that cell phones are a part of modern life, and that messages and phone calls can be important.  When you’re expecting an emergency or time-sensitive call or message, let your supervisor know, and make every effort to receive that call in a discreet and efficient way.
Current hospital policy on cell phone use says:
  • Employees are discouraged from using hospital telephones or hospital cell phones for personal calls during work hours
  • Personal text messaging and checking personal e-mail during work hours is also discouraged. Messages should be checked away from the work area so as not to disturb other employees and customers
  • Cell phones should always be set to vibrate or silent mode for the courtesy of our
    patients and others
  • Cell phones and hand held devices should not be used while operating a motor
  • Employees are prohibited from using cameras or other video or audio recording
    devices in the workplace unless specifically authorized. This includes cellular
    phones with built-in cameras or other recording capabilities.
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