Excellent Patient Care at Every Encounter

Barb Stockton forwarded this note from her daughter who was recently a patient here.  It’s a great tribute to how exceptional service in every stage of care really makes a difference for patients.

– Dave
I stayed overnight last night as an observation patient and want to give everyone who took care of me a huge thank you. As a nurse myself, I pay attention to how staff act and what they do when they provide care to me, because I know what I would be doing (LOL it’s habitual). Everyone did a really great job from Stephanie, RN, in triage to Karmen, LPN, for discharge.
My wait in the ED was relatively short. I don’t think it was more than 30 minutes from the time Stephanie took my information to the time I was in a room. Barb, Mark, and Scott were all in my ED room for different things, and they were all great. I wish I could remember the guy who was on for RT, but he was cool too, and funny. Dr. Belford was fabulous. He really took the time to explain everything and took a very thorough history. I really felt like everyone was on top of everything, and that is so important for patients to feel that they are safe. Even my fiance, Eric, commented on how good everyone was…and he does not give credit if it’s not due.
My nurses on the floor were nice as well, especially my discharging nurse, Karmen. I can’t remember the CNA on nights…she has really long dark hair, but she took time to bring Eric a cot and made it up for him with linens. Overall I just felt like everyone, even the dietary staff, went beyond their job descriptions to make us comfortable πŸ™‚
So Darryl, everyone mentioned in this e-mail deserves a substantial raise πŸ˜‰ Thanks everyone!
-Nikki Stockton
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