A Note From The Heart

One of the many reasons KSB’s Medical Staff consistently produces outstanding results is the collegial atmosphere that permeates our hospital.

– Dave
I just want to write this email to appreciate what Dr. Iyer did last week end.
He did a pacemaker on Thursday on one of his patients. The patient had one of the leads move and had to be adjusted the next day on Friday. It was a holiday and Dr. Iyer was not on call .
My patient was so comfortable with Dr. Iyer and I felt he wanted Dr. Iyer to take care of him and revise the pacer for him .
Dr. Iyer graciously came on Friday and spent a few hours working on the patient and adjusted his pacer. The patient did well and was discharged the next day .
I really want to appreciate my colleague who went above and beyond to take care of his patient even when he was not on call. I believe this is what it is and how it should be about all doctors who serve their patients regardless of their schedule… that is what make us KSB hospital doctors, because it is all about the people.
Thanks a lot.
Dr. El Bzour
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