Q & A: Cafeteria & Employee Meals

In another edition of our Employee Meeting Q&A, I invited Deb Didier to answer some questions about employee meals and the cafeteria.

– Dave
Deb Didier, Chief Financial Officer
     Many of you had questions, suggestions, and comments on the cafeteria and employee meal breaks.  I’m happy to provide a few answers and give you some information on what lies ahead for the Dietary Department.
     First, you asked about the physical layout and condition of the cafeteria.  Many of you also related the availability of tables to your decision on whether or not to eat in the cafeteria.  Our plan is to refresh the cafeteria, in one way or another.  We’ll share more details with you as they’re decided, but generally, this remodeling project would refresh the style of the cafeteria and switch to smaller tables, designed to be comfortable and flexible enough to seat more people.  The initial remodeling wouldn’t add new space or move walls, but it would provide a nice facelift for the cafeteria and improve seating choice and efficiency.
     The remodeling will also add a credit card machine at the registers to offer employees and visitors an alternate method of payment.  One suggestion was a payment system tied to employee badges.  We’ve looked at some cashless systems in the past and found them to be very costly.  We’ll continue to look for convenient payment methods, perhaps borrowing some ideas from local schools and hospitals.
     Second, there were comments on both sides of whether employees should eat in or away from the cafeteria.  Many reasons were given: the need to get away from your workspace for a short break, availability of seating space, noise levels, employee camaraderie, and personal preference.  There’s no specific answer here, just a reminder that your lunch break is your chance to relax and take a few minutes away from work.  Wherever you choose to eat, enjoy your break, chat and laugh with your coworkers, and as always, be considerate of those around you.
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    What about some sort of punch card that you, for instance, pay $20 for?

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