Q & A: Crawford Street and Patient Rooms

A couple readers submitted questions in the Comments section of other posts, so I thought we’d answer them here for easy viewing.
Robert Dunbar asked: “Could we post signage on River Road showing that Crawford Ave. is now for KSB Receiving and is not a through street? I still see drivers turn into Crawford and then u-turn to leave when they’re confronted by a blank concrete wall.”
And Emily Jones added: “I agree with Robert there should be signage on Crawford telling that its a dead end. I’ve seen patients try to go up that way in their car and ask how they get to main entrance. Especially now since the stairs to ER are closed off.”
The intersection of Crawford Avenue and River Street is a difficult area to post a sign because of how close Commerce Towers sits to both streets.  We think we’ve come up with a sensible plan to post a sign on the east side of that intersection that announces the closure of the street and will, hopefully, keep people from accidentally turning down that street more than once.
A draft of the sign is shown here.  A final version will be made to match the other new campus signs and posted soon.  
Thanks for the suggestions–we think this new sign will help patients and visitors.
Another employee asked: I was wondering if there is anyway we could put curtains in front of the doors as you walk in the patients room (on 3rd & 4th floor med/surg). It is just nice to have privacy for the patients i.e. if the patient is sitting on a commode, baths, turns, etc. I am not sure if housekeeping would take care of this or plant ops.”
Thanks for the suggestion.  Currently, almost half the patient rooms have front door curtains.  We’re working to install these privacy curtains in all remaining patient rooms, and we hope they’ll all be installed in the near future.  Also keep in mind that the new patient room renovations include these privacy curtains, and we’re completing total renovations on six rooms per year.
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  • Robert Dunbar
    Posted at 14:08h, 14 January Reply

    That should work for signage. Thanks! 🙂

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