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In this final edition of Employee Meeting Q&A, we’re wrapping up a few questions for the Human Resources and Information Systems departments.  I invited Julie Mann and Tim Broos to share some answers below.

– Dave

Julie Mann, VP Administrative Services
One commenter asked about employee annual reviews, and who the appropriate reviewer should be.  The Director of each department is responsible for conducting the annual reviews.  We realize that we have many employees who work various shifts and may not always work with their Director.  However, the Directors do consult with the shift supervisors and employees in charge for input to ensure that the reviews are relevant and accurate.  If you have a more specific question regarding reviews, please contact your Director or Human Resources and they will be glad to address your concerns further.

Another commenter asked about the procedure for changing between full-time and part-time status within a department. These changes, and decisions to post or not post the change, are done on a case by case basis, depending on a number of factors, such as staffing and scheduling.   If you have more questions regarding a specific situation, please feel free to contact your Director or Human Resources and they will be happy to address your concern further.

A few commenters asked about recognition for KSB employees who are veterans of the United States Armed Forces. KSB is a great supporter of the individuals who are serving or have served in the military.  Some of you offered suggestions for further recognition and distinction.  We will consider what we can do to make this support more visible to our employees.

Lastly, one employee asked about employee lodging during snowstorms.  While we don’t have a specific group of rooms set aside for employee lodging, we always work with the employee to get them a place to sleep or rest, whether it’s an open patient room or an available sleeping lounge.  The bottom line is, we’ll work with our employees to find a safe place to stay if they’re unable to leave the building because of harsh weather.

Tim Broos, Chief Information Officer
One of the employee meeting questions had to do with employee email access.  The commenter suggested that all KSB employees be given an email address and access to a computer with Microsoft Outlook as a way to cut down on paper use.  Currently 67% of our employees already have a KSB e-mail account.  Those who don’t have KSB e-mail typically don’t use a computer in their job duties.  We think The OC and The Pulse are good ways of communicating with those employees – whether they’re at work or at home.  The KSB website will be redesigned in 2011 and we’ve talked about adding an extranet, that is, a better way for employees to access The OC and resources on the KSB network from home.  We’ve also talked about kiosks in certain areas for employees to access The Pulse and The OC during breaks.

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  • Risha
    Posted at 23:24h, 02 February Reply

    I'm curious how many employees were trapped at KSB by the weather and how it was handled. Extra staff beds for an emergency would be nice.
    It was really nice to be able to access the KSB computer system from home while trapped by the snow and triaging what I could by phone.
    -Dr. Raven

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