Principle #2: Measure the Important Things

I’m excited to share this article from Deb Didier and Julie Mann announcing a team they’re heading up to help make KSB Hospital the best hospital in the country.  Thanks to the members of this new team for their participation and hard work!
– Dave 
Do you know how KSB measures the important things?  If not, you soon will.  
Deb Didier and Julie Mann have recently organized the Communication of Measures team.  This team applies Principle Two, “Measure the Important Things” to patient satisfaction. They focus on interpreting the hospital’s tools for quantifying patient satisfaction, measuring progress, and helping to identify resources to increase the hospital’s scores.
Members of the Communication of Measure team include the following leaders:
  • Julie Mann, VP Administrative Services
  • Deb Didier, Chief Financial Officer
  • Cathy Sitter, Medical Imaging
  • Andrea Cook, Customer Relations
  • Sue Cox, Pediatrics
  • Carrie Grobe, Wellness
  • Hillary Popejoy, Marketing
  • Theresa Krueger, Medical/Surgical
  • Lynnette Meurer, KSB Medical Group
  • Linda Setchell, Dietary
This team will meet on a monthly basis and become experts on the way KSB measures the important things.  They will then pass along that information to all our employees through various methods.

Remember that we can’t improve what we don’t measure!  Help support these leaders and contribute to KSB becoming the best healthcare facility in the country!  

We welcome your comments and questions about this process.
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