We have a winner!

The pop quiz is over and you did great! An impressive 21 people shared their “Top 3 Things KSB Hospital Does Well” with everyone. 
I promised a special prize if we reached 20 comments, and since we met and surpassed that goal, we’re awarding a $25 gift certificate to the KSB Gift Shop to one lucky winner.  Rosie will receive her gift certificate via interoffice mail in the next couple days.
Congratulations Rosie Eisenberg! 
Commenting on “A Pop Quiz”
     Rosie Eisenberg said…
               1.Strives for great patient satisfaction.
               2.Strives to increase medical services in all areas. 
               3.Recognizes staff with positive feedback. 
Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts!  Keep an eye on The Pulse for more opportunities to comment and share your perspective with everyone at KSB Hospital!
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