Improving The Patient Experience One Person At a Time

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Improving the way our patients experience healthcare happens one interaction at a time.

I recently was forced to see a non-KSB physician. At the reception desk the greeting I received was this:


Not being the sharpest tool in the shed it took me a moment to realize this was a request for information. I replied and she followed up with this:

“I’ll get you bedded in a few minutes. We’re swamped and don’t have enough staff… Doctor is running behind.”

How do you think my anxiety level was doing at this point? First of all I didn’t want to be there in the first place, secondly I was told I was going to get “bedded” (whatever that means), and finally they were understaffed and the Doctor was feeling pressure to catch up.


A = Acknowledge
I = Introduce
D = Duration
E = Explanation
T = Thank You

Five brief, simple steps in creating a human experience. AIDET works. Personalize it and give it a try today. Our patients deserve our best.

Do you have an example of using an AIDET experience you would like to share?  Hit the comment button below.

– Dave

One Comment on “Improving The Patient Experience One Person At a Time”

  1. I, too, had an experience at a facility other than KSB. The lack of privacy and confidentiality during the registration for services was very uncomfortable. I kept thinking to myself how much better KSB's procedures were in this area. Such a simple thing at the beginning of my visit had an impact on my overall experience that day.

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