“It’s their culture that makes them really great.”

The New York Times published a story last Thursday about what makes a great hospital so great. It’s a good reminder that just as we follow these stats and measures internally, the public is also interested in hospital quality and patient satisfaction. If we ever thought that our benchmarks, surveys, and reports were just read by insiders, we need to think again.  These measurements continually attract significant media attention.
My favorite quote from this article is also the title of this post, “It’s not the techniques or the fancy equipment. It’s how they do things, it’s their culture that makes them really great.”
We say the same thing at KSB Hospital, we just phrase it a little differently.  “What makes us special?  At KSB…it’s the people.”

At a low-performing hospital, such an error might result in doctors, nurses and pharmacists on the front lines blaming one another and hospital leaders taking care to remain uninvolved. But clinicians and leaders at a high-performing hospital would be eager to address the error, acknowledging it without disparaging one another and working together to re-examine and, if necessary, reconfigure the hospital’s discharge process.

“The difference is very powerful,” Dr. Bradley noted. “Even top hospitals had problems that would make your hair stand on end; but then it’s like choreography when they all get together to figure out what went wrong.”

Read the full New York Times article here.
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  • Lisa Blackburn
    Posted at 21:33h, 22 March Reply

    It is great to see that what we are doing at KSB, in a small rural community, is noted as a best practice for all healthcare organizations to strive. Once again, KSB at the forefront of another best practice! Way to go!

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