The End of an Era

I just walked back into my office after spending the afternoon at a retirement tea in honor of Darryl Vandervort.  It was the final event in a week-long celebration of Darryl’s career at KSB Hospital.  Over the past week, I had such an enjoyable time talking and sharing stories with current employees, recent retirees, and members of the community.
After the meetings, discussions, and celebrations of the past week, it’s nice to have a quiet moment on this Friday afternoon.  It gives me a chance to think of all the comments, stories, and memories people have used to describe what made them respect, trust, and love Darryl so much.
As I begin my time as President and CEO of KSB Hospital, I know I’m incredibly lucky and eternally grateful to have worked with and learned from Darryl Vandervort for the past 22 years.  The stories of Darryl’s compassion, personal interest, fairness, humor, openness, and vision again remind me of what it takes to be a true leader.
I’m proud to be next in a long line of dedicated and devoted KSB Hospital administrators.  I look forward to meeting the challenges of the future together with our 1,112 employees, knowing that I learned from the best.
Happy birthday, and happy retirement Darryl–and thank you.
– Dave
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  • Laura Lee Collins
    Posted at 22:07h, 01 April Reply

    Hi Dave,

    I have a personal hero I would like to share with you (when you have time). One of my cousins had a little boy who had to have his eyes surgically removed when he was an infant due to cancer of the lens. His grandmother (my Dad's sister) would have Dad come and play the piano for him. He was 3,4 yrs old. He was of course shy and a little frightened. But the first time Dad played for him, he quickly came to the piano and copied much of what he just played. My Dad and Blake's family were catylists to bring him to where he is today. We were raised in a can do enviroment. PLease Google Blake Lindsey, a blind man with inspired vision sometime. I know you will enjoy this.

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