KSB Hospital Welcomes Native American Pathway Project

We had a unique opportunity last week to host representatives of several Native American groups who are considering a partnership with the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford. As always, our guests spoke with some outstanding physicians and employees and came away with a great impression of the KSB Spirit. Below is a press release with the story.
– Dave

DIXON, Ill. – Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital welcomed guests from Native American communities in Wyoming and northern California as a part of a joint venture with the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford designed to promote health careers among Native Americans.
The Rural Medical Education (RMED) program at the Rockford campus coordinated the visit as a part of ongoing discussions to form a partnership between RMED and these two Native American communities.
The April 19 visit to KSB Hospital included a tour of the new Emergency Room, a Board Room discussion, and a group luncheon with KSB Medical Group physicians and staff.
“KSB Hospital has a strong working relationship with the College of Medicine, and we’re excited to participate in this project,” said Dave Schreiner, President/CEO, “This is a unique opportunity to promote health careers to a new population.”
The group then traveled to the KSB Center for Health Services/Polo Clinic for a tour and discussion with staff from the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) of Northwest Illinois, a new joint effort of the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford and KSB Hospital designed to encourage grade school, high school, and college students across 19 Illinois counties to consider health careers.

“There are so many opportunities for health careers,” said Teresa Strum, Director of AHEC of Northwest Illinois, “We’re excited to pursue new partnerships and enhance health career education throughout the area.”
The group also visited the KSB Center for Health Services/Oregon Clinic, where they spoke with Greg Reckamp, M.D., and toured the facility.
KSB Hospital and the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford have an ongoing partnership in the Dixon Rural Training Track, a medical residency program focusing on family medicine in rural areas.

KSB Hospital is an 80-bed acute care facility offering a variety of ancillary services. From obstetrics to orthopedics, from home health care to the cardiac services laboratory, KSB offers programs that reflect our desire to meet the growing, changing needs of those we serve and to remain focused on the picture of health. For more information, visit www.ksbhospital.com and www.dixonrtt.org

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