A New Perspective on Patient Care

We put a lot of effort and passion into patient satisfaction and clinical quality, but it’s still a whole different ballgame when it’s our loved one in the emergency room. Grace Crowe, Human Resources, shared this letter with me. What a touching reminder of how important our work is.
– Dave


Recently, my father was a patient in the Emergency Department. I wanted to take a quick moment and recognize those that made our experience here more manageable during this difficult time.

My father was brought here early on a Sunday morning with symptoms of a stroke. He showed no signs of loss of strength or coordination, however, his speech was slurred and incomprehensible. Those were the scariest 4 hours of my life. What was going to happen to the man that has always been so articulate and sharp?

Dr. Gould was the physician in the ED that morning and Georgianne Arquilla was the nurse for my father. Both were amazing in the situation. They took their time asking questions to determine the best route of care. Our options were explained and discussed to the fullest degree and everyone was in agreement of the next steps. Both Dr. Gould and Georgianne were calm which helped us stay focused on the life-changing decisions at hand.

I am so grateful that such exceptional care is provided so close to my home. There was never a question of sending him to a different hospital in the first few moments of the situation. KSB was the first choice and an instinctive one at that. I am very glad that I get to be a part of such a wonderful establishment. Our employees truly care about the patients, families, and community that they serve.

Grace Crowe
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