Playing to the Stats

I found this sign in an elevator at a hotel in Springfield. It’s a pretty subtle message, but I think they’re telling me how to fill out their survey. Is the goal for me to be satisfied or for them to receive a good survey score?

My hope is we strive to exceed expectations for patients and their families because that’s the KSB way of delivering world-class care.

When we take great care of our patients, the survey numbers take care of themselves.

– Dave

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 16:04h, 10 May Reply

    Dave, I think this is the way they strive for good PR. I think this sign is their way of wanting to know about any problems the patrons perceive BEFORE the survey forms come back to them. This way, they can tackle the problem immediately and maybe get better feedback from the person as to what the problem actually is.
    I don't think it is any different than us encouraging KSB clients to talk to Sandy Thompson if they are unhappy with any facets of our service or facility.

  • Nick Ponsones
    Posted at 19:02h, 10 May Reply

    I know exactly what you mean, sir: the sign, well-meaning as it is, comes across like it’s fishing for a compliment (nothing subliminal about peppering the sign with VERY SATISFIED four times).
    Praise will come when you provide quality customer service, whether you ask for it or not. The letters and kudos posted here on the Pulse are evidence of that.

  • Vanessa Garcia
    Posted at 14:04h, 11 May Reply

    First of all I want to say, KSB has it 'Right'. After reading this sign it seems the hotel is more concerned about the guests initiating the result of 'satisfaction' rather than the hotel doing so in the first place. The tone is all wrong as well; the capped 'very satisfied' comes across as pushy rather than friendly. Valerie, who is the General Manager afterall, left out a key component in communicating & being the spokeperson of the hotel, and that is how to come across as genuinely caring about the guest and knowing that they come first. KSB does this and is why we can be confident in your last sentence Dave.

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